We design corporate gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Our Blueprint

Creative Ideation

Maximize your business and time by working with our team. We are here to fulfill all of your gift giving needs and help your business leave a positive impact on others.

Support Local & Small Businesses

We carefully selected brands that value quality as much as we do to ensure we deliver a fantastic customer experience with each gift

The Perfect Gift

Look forward to giving the perfect gift and go beyond their expectations. Deliver a gift with products and packaging that are strategically designed to make a memorable impression

Your Gifting Options

Fully Custom

Design a gift that is unique and 100% customized for you. Check off every box on your list and deliver the perfect gift.

Semi Custom

Select from our predesigned gifts and add elements of your customized branding such as gift tags or logoed items.

Ready to Send

We have a beautiful assortment of ready-to-ship gifts online to customize with an enclosure card, ribbon or engraving!

Fully Custom Gifts

Design a gift that's unique and fulfills all of your personalization needs. Our design specialists will discuss with you in 4 simple steps.

1. Gifting Consultation

  • Discuss vision and potential gifting ideas
  • Review timeline, quantities and budget

2. Gift Proposal

  • Curate a custom proposal request
  • Images and pricing shared for you to review

3. Design Finalization

  • Finalize gift selection
  • Artwork approval

4. Production & Shipping

  • Collection of recipient addresses
  • Produce and distribute gifts

Semi Custom Gifts

Our professionally designed Gift Collection. Just add your branding!

Option A

Heartwarming and beautifully displayed gourmet treats and tote bag to customize for your favourite clients & employees.

40+ Units | $75 Per Logo/Product | 3 Weeks

Option B

Deliver a display of your brand in an eye-catching handcrafted gift box. Includes a cozy desktop mug.

40+ Units | $75 Per Logo/Product | 3 Weeks

Option C

Make the most of any celebration with our any occasion gift box! Surprise them with a party in a box and add a special touch with your logo elegantly etched on glass!

48+ Units | $75 Per Logo/Product | 3 Weeks

Option D

Clean and classic. Display your brand on our popular custom mug option so clients remember your company's name everyday.

35+ Units | $75 Per Logo/Product | 3 Weeks

Option E

Elegant, warm, and cozy. The only thing that's missing is your logo!

55+ Units | $75 Per Logo/Product | 3 Weeks

Option F

Timeless, delicious, and memorable. Make your Brand stand out from the competition on
this insulated glass travel tumbler with a bamboo life and straw.

1+ Units | $75 Per Logo/Product | 2 Weeks

Option G

Sweet and Simple. Make an impression by adding your logo to our two popular
custom items!

40+ Units | $75 Per Logo/Product | 3 Weeks

Ready to Ship

Our professionally designed Gift Collection ready to ship! Add a personal touch with an enclosure card or custom ribbon.

We Also Do


At Peter & Paul's Gifts we can create meaningful and memorable awards for your employee recognition program. Full customization options available.

  • Crystal Aquilon Award
  • Years of Service
  • Plaque Award


Celebrate the small things with your employees and surprise them with thoughtful office gifts throughout the year! Full customization options available.


Leave a lasting impression with useful everyday items to give clients and employees Full customization options available.


Increase your company's brand awareness with our unique custom gifts for new tenants and home owners!


Streamline your gifting process by allowing recipients to choose their gift from a custom selection they can view on your dedicated gifting portal!

A gifting portal is a dedicated website, just for your company! Whether you don't want to collect your current addresses, or you simply want your recipient to be able to choose their gift from a custom selection, we've got the tech set up for you.

Inquire about this feature during your gift consultation.

Ready To Begin?

We are happy to help with all your corporate gifting needs. For pricing details please speak with our team.