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Holiday Party Gift Giving Ideas

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! Whether you have one to attend or one every weekend, Peter & Paul’s Gifts has what you need to make your gifts spark conversation without breaking the bank.

The Executive Invite

If you were on the nice list and received an invitation to your boss’ holiday party we have the perfect gift in mind! A single or double wine box packaged in a beautiful wooden crate is a classic gift. Remember to set your gift apart from others by engraving a name or message, “Trevor’s Wine Collection”.

The Co-worker Invite

Your cubicle neighbour invites you to their holiday party and you graciously accept, what do you bring? Our Hostess gift speaks volumes with its gourmet foods and wine. Add that wow factor by engraving a name or personal message on the tray!

The Close Friends Invite

Your friends planned ahead and sent out a few save the dates to their holiday parties. As they’re all quickly approaching you’re probably thinking to yourself ‘what should I bring’ and seeing the dollars signs floating in front of your eyes. At Peter & Paul’s Gifts the options are endless yet affordable, so set yourself a budget and give each friend a unique and unforgettable gift. A few of our favorites include Roped in Magic, Celebration, Silent Night & Mason of Sweets. #uniquelyyours

Family Holiday Party

With family, they will love you no matter what you bring to their holiday party; but if they’re anything like my family, a gift works wonders. It’s not about how elaborate the gift is, but instead how much thought you put into it. You want to keep in mind their likes and dislikes and curate your gifting accordingly. Any size of our Group Shares will definitely be welcomed and enjoyed in any family gathering.

From personalized crates and engraving, to gifts for everyone of all tastes to enjoy, at Peter & Paul’s Gifts we have everything you need for your holiday gift shopping. Cater to everyone this season because all of our holiday gifts were designed with you in mind.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! For more holiday gifting ideas and to keep up to date with the latest in our gift boutique follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.