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5 Tips For Getting the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

It’s a wonderful event to celebrate a new baby’s birth into the world which makes gifting for the baby fun and exciting. Plus, nothing is more adorable than sweeping through the little onesies, socks and plushies (if you’re like me, everything that comes in a mini-me size or in ultra-soft fabric becomes ten times cuter!).

But let’s be honest, even with the vast amount of options, from bouncers to blankets and burp clothes to swaddlers – shopping for a baby is still very overwhelming, especially if you’ve never shopped for a baby before! So here are 5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Baby Shower Gift.

1. When in Doubt, Just Ask!

Sometimes we’re hesitant to ask the soon-to-be mom because we want to make it special or a surprise. But there’s many benefits to asking what the parents would like. For one, you’ll know for sure they’ll like it and it’s bonus to know if they have any preferences in brands or personal care products or clothing. For instance, some moms like Huggies and others like Pampers. Also it saves them a trip to the store and process multiple exchanges in their final trimester.

2. Turn Memories into Treasures

A pillow, frame and a giant stuffed panda – those are the three things that have survived the test of time amongst all baby gifts I’ve received as a child. And they all share one thing – personalization and that’s a big deal, considering that that was 20 years ago!

Add a personal touch and give that wow factor in a personalized gift – it can transform the traditional gift into something that can last forever. Be it a blanket, swaddler, frame, rattle, plush or anything else in between, Peter & Paul’s Gifts can make it happen!

3. Sticking to the Baby Essentials

Practical gifts are the best, because honestly, you can never have too much of a necessity. Even if someone else gifted them the same thing, it’s okay, the more, the merrier!

When you’re thinking of practical gifts to give, it’s best think of what a parent needs to carry on their everyday activities with a newborn at hand. Some items, the parents may already have on hand, so it is a good idea to check the baby registry, but there are always things that sometimes slip their mind or they never expected to need more of! In our baby baskets, we always like add  a couple of these essentials for the mommies to use.

Here is a handy checklist of some of the biggest baby essentials!
  • Undershirts
  • Burp clothes or cotton wash clothes
  • Baby wipes
  • Bibs
  • Baby hangers
  • Diapers

4. Something Special for Mom & Dad

With Mom and Dad working hard to keep everything in check with such as big change in their lives, something sweet for them is always appreciated. Get something to keep them pampered, or even something to record their newborn’s milestones. Check out this Five-Year Memory Book: Mom’s One Line a Day. Here, the new Mom can record the baby’s big milestones and funny memories and later look back on the events that took place.

5. Think Beyond the Newborn

Typically when we’re getting gifts for the baby shower, we’re thinking about the baby in their newborn phase, so when you’re thinking of getting those onesies for the little one (and I know you are!), consider going up a couple of months. The 6 – 12 month range is a safe bet!

Also, if you’re thinking of toys, consider getting toys from 6 months to 18 months. Babies grow quickly and they get amazed by the littlest of things. By the time they’re 3 months old, they’ve just discovered they have hands and feet and those little nubbins can keep them occupied for hours! In our baby gift baskets at Peter & Paul’s Gifts, we do have extra sizes on hand so never hesitate to ask!