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Zodiac Gifts: The Best Birthday Gifts for A Leo

Leos born from July 22 to August 23 are ruled by the Sun and represented by the Lion. They are known to be self-confident and strong individuals. Leos are also known to be loyal, generous, passionate, and optimistic. Leos naturally stand out, and at Peter and Paul’s Gifts, we’ve got the perfect birthday gifts for the Leo in your life!


Leos love the lavish things in life, so we’ve got the perfect gift baskets for the Leo to feel the utmost luxury.


Sip Sip Hooray

Leos love to celebrate and party with their friends and new friends, especially on their birthday! The Sip Sip Hooray gift is exactly what a Leo needs to celebrate their day!


This basket comes with a bottle of Juliet Prosecco, a Sip Sip Hooray glass, Staji & co. treats, rose prosecco gummies, and a Soar Fir & Berry eucalyptus candle. With this gift, we’re sure Leo will party in style!


Bath Time

Like we mentioned earlier, Leos love living life with luxury. Our Bath Time gift basket is sure to pamper the Leo woman in your life. This gift basket will get her ready for a day of partying or help her decompress after a long week of celebrating her birthday.


This basket is packed with high-end Kropp rosewood-scented bath foam, bath salts, and soap. It also includes a Louvelle silk headband, a Serendipity 50hr soy candle, and live mini succulent. With our Bath Time gift basket, we’re sure the Leo in your life will feel like a Queen!


Metro Man

Not only do Leo women love to take care of themselves, Leo men also love to treat themselves to a luxurious lifestyle as well. We’re sure our Metro Man gift basket will pamper the Leo man in your life.


This gift basket is packed with a Boulevard cinnamon streusel candle and luxurious The English Soap Co. Sandalwood & Amber hand cream, body wash, and soap imported from the United Kingdom. He’ll also be able to treat himself to Coco Chocolatier white chocolate buttons and Sprucewood maple shortbread cookies. With this gift basket, the Leo in your life will definitely feel like royalty.


We Love What We Do and It Shows!

Whether it’s celebrating a Leo’s Birthday or celebrating their birthweek, we’ve got the perfect gift for the Leo in your life! At Peter and Paul’s Gifts, we ensure that each gift is a memorable and special one. Make the Leo in your life smile with one of our gift baskets and shop online today!