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Wipe Away Winter Blues with These Curated Care Gifts!

We have all been touched by the winter blues at some point in our lives, for those friends, family or colleagues that might be affected, why not show how much you care with one of these 5 heartfelt ways.  Sure to make someone’s day and to put a smile on your face and theirs!

  1. It doesn’t cost anything to show someone you care. A simple text message that you’re thinking of them is always appreciated.  Here are some kind things you can consider messaging:
    • I value you and how you make me ________________.
    • I appreciate how you ______________.
    • I feel we connect because of _______________.
    1. Someone feeling a bit under the weather? Or is super busy these days? When making your dinners or meal planning why not make a couple of extra dishes and send them their way. Stored in cute takeaway containers or soups and stews in mason jars for later use goes a long way in letting someone know you care.  Leave them in a recyclable bag or basket at their doorstep with a heartfelt note.
    1. Making a trip to your local pharmacy? Pick up a few inexpensive items for them - include some nail polish, remover, emery board, a bath sponge and some bubble bath. A simple, inexpensive treat to leave for them to enjoy some peaceful moments of self care.
    1. Send some motivation with an Audible book or Pod Cast…available digitally these make lovely, thoughtful gifts and can be sent via email or text.
    1. Need more inspiration? We have you covered. We have an entire collection of care gift for any theme you want to send! Choose any of our gifts with yummy treats, delicious wines, comfy blankets or dinner ideas. Provide all the ingredients for a curated surprise of wholesome delights! Check out our featured care gifts below and click here to shop!