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Welcome Baby With These Gifts

Spring is a time when we celebrate the birth of new beginnings and embrace the fresh possibilities that come with each passing day. And what better way to celebrate new life than with the arrival of a new child? Whether it's a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, the arrival of a new baby is a time for family and friends to come together and show their love and support.

One of the most meaningful ways to show your love is through the act of gifting. From our Twinkle Twinkle to Rock-A-Bye-Baby to Squeaky Clean, at Peter & Paul’s Gifts, we have a wide range of gifts to celebrate the arrival of newborn babies!

Twinkle, Twinkle

Looking for the perfect baby shower or new baby gift? Look no further than the Twinkle Twinkle baby gift basket! This adorable basket includes everything a new parent needs to keep their little one cozy and comfortable, including a hooded towel, a set of five washcloths, and a five-piece sleeper set complete with a sleeper, onesie, bib, hat, and mittens. 

Plus, the cozy blanket and teddy bear nunu provide snuggles and comfort when baby needs it most. With its sweet and whimsical design and high-quality, practical items, the Twinkle Twinkle baby gift basket is sure to delight any new parent and their precious little one.


Another great way to welcome the little one is with the Rock-A-Bye-Baby gift basket! This precious gift basket includes a rocking horse that baby will for sure enjoy! It also has a cute and comfortable outfit consisting of a knit sweater and pants for baby to rock. 

After a long day of fun, this gift has a knit blanket, a bunny, and an ‘I Love You’ storybook, perfect for baby’s naptime! This basket filled with cute toys and nursery essentials is exactly what Mom, Dad, and baby will need.

Squeaky Clean

Get ready to make bath time a blast with the Squeaky Clean baby gift basket! This delightful gift set includes everything a new parent needs to keep baby boy or baby girl fresh, clean, and entertained during bath time. The Squeaky Clean basket features a soft and cozy sleeper, a hooded towel to keep baby warm and dry, and a set of five washcloths for gentle cleansing. 

The adorable pair of socks and five-piece set of bath toys will add a playful touch to every bath time routine. With its practical yet playful collection of items, the Squeaky Clean baby gift basket is the perfect way to show a new parent that you care about them and their little one. Give the gift of a squeaky clean baby with this adorable and practical gift set!

We Love What We Do, And It Shows! 

The arrival of a new baby is an exhilarating and exciting time for everyone! Show your love for the new parents and baby with our wide selection of gift baskets. We strive for every interaction with our company to reflect our passion and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our specialization is the creation, production and packaging of premium, high-quality, handmade products that create a beautiful gift. Order your Baby gift baskets today with Peter and Paul’s Gifts.