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Tips For Giving the Perfect Hostess Gift! It's not what you think!

Why not sprinkle some magic dust on your next dinner or event by jazzing up your gifting game with these chic etiquette tips?

Thinking of bringing flowers? Hold off on handing them over on the big day; spare the host from a last-minute vase hunt and gift them a day early instead! Not only does it make for a delightful surprise, but it also lets them flaunt the blooms without a fuss. Bonus: no frantic flower pickups on event day!

Oh, and here's a pro move: shoot a thank-you message the day after the event! Let your hostess bask in the afterglow and arrange those flowers wherever her heart desires, even if it's in her boudoir. And for the green-thumbed pals out there, why not send some resilient succulents? They're the gift that keeps on giving - classy, long-lasting, and a perfect match for any setting!


How to gift wine to the hostess? Politely mention that the wine is a personal favorite, but don't make it a must-have on their menu. They might already have their wine lineup planned out. If they do choose to pop your bottle, cheers to that! Just remember, it's all about giving them the freedom to sip what they please.


Offering Food as a Hostess Gift

Why not surprise your host with a delightful food gift that's not on the menu? A basket filled with scrumptious goodies they wouldn't splurge on themselves is not just thoughtful but a tasty post-party delight for the host to relish.


Ever wondered about the secret life of gifts? Well, when you bring a little somethin' to a shindig, it's called a hostess gift, even if it's fit for both hosts and hostesses alike!


Now, this ain't your usual birthday surprise. Birthdays call for personal treats like perfume, a gripping novel, blingy jewelry, or even a fresh batch of golf balls.


But hold the phone! A hostess gift is all about the host's entertaining game. Think breakfast baskets for cozy mornings or fancy coasters for future soirees. It's all about adding a sprinkle of pizzazz to their hosting style!


And if the party's a family affair, why not go big with a gift the whole gang can enjoy? From board games to poolside shenanigans, the fun never stops with a family-friendly surprise!

Here are some Fantastic Gifts to Give either before, on, or after the party! 

Rosso and Roses

Champagne Delight

Box of Succulents

Woodford - Large