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The Baby Collection Q & A

We, at Peter & Paul’s Gifts, are very happy and proud to announce that our new Spring Baby Collection is now launched! This collection is especially significant to us because our Chief of Operations Officer, Katherine Eliopoulos, curated and designed the collection herself! Katherine has always taken the lead in designing our baskets and having put her heart and soul into this collection, the baby collection features the trendiest and the most thoughtful gifts from around the world.  Join us in the first part of our five-part series as we take a few moments to ask Katherine some questions and showcase her collection.

What did you enjoy most in making this collection?

Just how much emotion and feeling goes into making the baskets. I love being a mom and being able to navigate and put that love and passion into something that I could share with other moms as well was so wonderful and fulfilling. There were even times where I got so caught up that I ended up having to take time away from my family and I stayed [at the office] for long, long hours because when I’m in the mood, I just need to get them all done.

From what I heard, you even tested out the products of the collection on your own family – is that true?

I really use everything at home – I bring [ products] home and if I don’t like it, I’m not going to use it [in the collection] – it meant a lot to me that all the products that were in the collection, were things that all moms will love and actually use.

And when I was able to collect an assortment of products that I thought were great, I just [had] to share it with these other moms – and most of the time it’s new moms, which I remember, being a mother of four, can be very overwhelming.

As you launched the new collection on the website and also showed us the collection in the warehouse and showroom, I’ve noticed that gender-neutral baby clothes are a huge part of the collection – what was the inspiration behind that?

Surprise baby gender announcements were a part of it, but also I wanted to bring different colour palletes into the mix compared to the traditional blue, pink and yellow, Also, current baby trends in clothing has been very black, modern looking and very cool — kind of like, “Black is the New Yellow” – one the the gender-neutral gifts in the collection. So we’ve jumped right on-board with the trend and I have several gifts this year in the new collection that have a lot of bold, neutral colours — kind of ‘mom-focused’ baby gifts, is what it is.

Cool [graphic design] is the way to go and it’s just to take the next step forward in our [basket] design so I’m really excited to launch this new catalogue.

What makes this collection stand out from other collections?

One thing that [Peter & Paul’s Gifts] is really been known for are our wood wagons and benches, and the amazing part about them is that we can personalize them and put custom letters for the baby’s name and I love that aspect of it because it turns simple, everyday items into lasting treasures.

Also, beyond the baby collection, personalization is big part of what we do and we try our best to to go above and a beyond to cater to our clients’ requests.

So far, it has been well-received by moms and clients a-like and now we have our [laser] engraving machine on-site which allows us to offer different types of personalization. We can do a snow globe, or a frame, or a rattle and add it into the gift that the mom and baby could have forever.