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Spring & Easter Go Hand In Hand

Spring and Easter waltz in harmony, a celestial duet. Here are some top host and guest tips to make your Spring Holiday perfect! Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate spring and enjoy moments with loved ones, whether it's through brunch, lunch, or a family dinner.

To be the ideal host or guest, consider these suggestions:

As a guest, besides traditional offerings like Easter chocolates and wine, surprise your host with a pre-event gift to show appreciation.


Carroty Cake Stand

Our Carroty Cake Stand features a delightful mix of sweet and savory treats, beautifully presented on a ceramic dessert plate, adorned with a fresh floral bouquet.


Personalizable Egg Gift

For the young ones, our Personalizable Egg Gift is perfect for their Easter egg hunt, allowing them to carry their treats in style.

Easter Celebration Board 

Personalize a gift for adult hosts with our Easter Celebration Board elegant wood charcuterie board, engraved with a family name or initial, accompanied by Vieni Sparkling Wine, camembert cheese, crackers, and sweets.

When gifting, consider sending the present a day in advance to allow hosts to incorporate the treats and decorations seamlessly into their event planning. With Easter falling on March 31st, ensure your gifts arrive on time by sending them a few days ahead of the celebration.