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Sensational Gourmet Gift Baskets to Spread Warmth

With winter melting away, it’s the perfect time to gather around with your loved ones and bask in whatever the season has left to offer. Nothing can beat lounging around in a comfortable robe and slippers on a pleasant morning with gourmet treats spread out on a table. At Peter & Paul’s Gifts, we have gourmet gift baskets with everything you may need for a cozy gathering. Complete with a wide variety of gourmet treats, wines and more, creating memories with loved ones has never been easier.

Treat Tower

In this gift basket, three black and gold boxes packed together are filled with treats to be enjoyed with anyone and everyone. Every box contains a special surprise that can please the receiver. 

The 30 Pieces of Truffles contain smooth truffles which are coated with fine cocoa, providing an exquisite flavour. The Mary Macleod Shortbread Cookies are handmade traditional cookies made using whole ingredients. The Mary Macleod Chocolate Chunk Cookies are shortbread cookies with a chocolate filling. The Collection 82 Smore’s Mix Popcorn is coated with caramel and then drizzled with dark and white chocolate. Small pieces of graham crackers and marshmallows are then added to finish it off. The Chocolate Covered Peanuts are dipped in milk chocolate making them the ideal savoury yet sweet snack.

Midnight Snacks

This basket features a balance of savoury snacks and sweet treats making it the ultimate present that can satisfy any craving. 

The Kienna Whole Bean Kona Blend Coffee is a mix of premium Colombian beans which provide low acidity and full body. The Neal Brothers Sweet & Smoked BBQ Chips are sprinkled with home-style flavoured barbeque sauce including ingredients such as onion, garlic, tomato, and sea salt. The Excelcium 8 Mini Chocolate Pack is made using rich Belgian chocolate which is infused with cocoa to create these mini treats. The Cupido Tiramisu Dessert Cup contains a delicate tiramisu filling. The Cavendish & Harvey Wild Berry Candies are a mix of various berries such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. The Cherrington Coconut Milk Chocolate Truffles contains pieces of milk chocolate infused with coconut. 

Ultimate Indulgence Small

This is a multipurpose oversized wooden chest packed with premium savoury and sweet treats. The chest contains enough treats for friends and family to indulge in.

The Mellanium Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Red Wine has a ruby red colour and strong flavours of raspberries, raisins, baking spices and layers of black fruit. Its refreshing acidity and ripe tannin make it a great drink to be sipped on its own or paired with red meats. The Elizabeth Shaw Milk Chocolate Orange Crisp Chocolates has a crispy honeycomb with a melt-in-the-mouth texture. The Dufflet Nutt-e Caramel with Almond and Pistachios is a delicious bar made using slivered almonds, pistachios, hard cracked caramel and a light sprinkle of sea salt. The Cupido Latte Macchiato Dessert Cups contain rich chocolate dessert cups full of a latte macchiato cream filling and has a smooth consistency.

Gourmet Sampler

This gorgeous wooden box is full of both sweet and savoury items making it a great sampler of a variety of foods that can be paired with the bottle of wine included. The box can be engraved with a personalized message to show to the recipient how much they mean to you.

The Arte 7 Vita Pita Crisps have oven baked crisps which are lightly salted and drizzled with vanilla and olive oil creating the perfect snack to be paired with soft cheeses. The Cookie It Up Chocolate Filled Shortbread has a soft and crumbly texture which melts away to expose a decadent milk chocolate centre. The Candied Peanuts Tin contains praline coated peanuts which are packed inside a silver metal tin for an added touch of elegance. The Rockway Wine has passion fruit and pineapple flavours combined with hints of pear and lemon.

Divine Taster

This is a flat wooden box filled with premium items which can be customized for an added personal touch. 

The Nut Dispenser is trendy and made out of glass to add a bit of elegance to any table it’s placed on. The McCrea’s Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt Caramels have an unforgettable flavour of fresh rosemary mixed with imported truffle sea salt. The Delicate Original English Shortbread are artisan biscuits made using rich ingredients to create a delicious and soft English Shortbread cookie. The Real Treat Salted Caramel Shorties with Fennel are made with brown sugar, bits of salted caramel and browned butter. The Punti Ferrer Secret Barrels White wine contains notes of citrus and Tropical flowers and fruits with mint, making it delicate and light to taste.

Rustic Snacker

This rustic wooden slot crate is full of classic snacks and treats that can remind the receiver of home, wherever they are. 

It includes the Cantuccini Crisp Almond Biscotti which are classic Italian biscotti and a great accompaniment to tea, coffee and even pairs well with sweet wine. The Gouda Cheese & Chive Biscuits are made using 22% Gouda cheese and aged for 18 months. Michael & Adam’s Dark Chocolate Malt Balls are reminiscent of malted milkshake and contain a creamy melted centre with a dark chocolate exterior. The World’s Finest Double Chocolate Meltaways is a rich and silky blend of milk and chocolate on the inside with a generous coating of milk chocolate on the outside. 

Sweet As Tiffany

This gift box has a Tiffany blue colour and is packed with sweet treats, capable of satisfying any sweet tooth’s cravings. 

The Excelcium Praline Assorted Chocolate Box contains an assortment of chocolate truffles with praline fillings. The East Shore Seasoned Pretzels are made using the original East Shore recipe and seasoned with handpicked herbs and spices. The Godiva Salted Caramel & Milk chocolate Bar is a buttery chocolate bar with pieces of caramelized chocolate and a touch of sea salt adding the perfect twist. The P&P Snowball Mints are fun and festive scotch mints that are great for after meals.

If you’re looking for a cozy and comfy gift basket for someone special, you’ve come to the right place. Since February was full of snow and ice, send your loved ones the gift of warmth with gourmet gift baskets from Peter & Paul’s Gifts. Every unique package includes a variety of items handpicked with your taste buds in mind. Our ever-popular baskets are filled with delicacies that are the perfect gift for any occasion, or just because.