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Peter & Paul’s Gifts Launches Updated Website Offering New Gift Baskets

Peter & Paul’s Gifts are pleased to inform you that we have launched a new and updated website with fresh and innovative gift baskets available for all events and occasions. We have increased our customization options and service offerings to offer the ultimate gifting experience. We take pride in having a team that goes above and beyond for our clients. Because our aim is to be a one-stop shop for all your gifting needs, our improved website will help you cut through the clutter. Here is the list of updates that add to a better user experience.

Fresh Design

We have given a facelift to our existing website by evaluating the current design trends to make navigation more user-friendly. Along with upgrading to a sleeker design, we have also made numerous other changes like adding a soothing colour theme and higher-resolution images. There are actionable and clear paths so that users can move around the website with ease. We have also undergone an a/b testing phase to figure out what text, images, navigation and colours work best for our audience.

To create balanced web pages, we have incorporated leverage grids and the rule of thirds which advocates splitting the visual designs. This split is done into equal thirds vertically and horizontally creating nine equal rectangles to build a grid. With these changes, we aim to provide a positive impact on all new and existing visitors on our website.

Stronger Security

Breaches tend to cause a hassle and unnecessary headaches. Re-designing our website has given us a chance to provide better security for all our customers. It can ensure that your information is always safe. Our website structure works in an open source CMS. This means that we have a team of individuals who are constantly working on fixing security issues if and when they show up.

Enhanced User Experience

A big reason for us to have updated our website so that we can provide a better user experience to our visitors. The re-designing has enabled us to improve the way people navigate on our website. While making the UX decisions, focused simplicity over complexity for greater overall functionality.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

The world has become a smartphone society. This is why we have not ignored the mobile market and made our website more mobile friendly. Our responsive web design uses a collection of techniques which allows the website to adapt and fit the size of the screen that it is being viewed on. So, if you visit our website on your mobile, it will appear the same as it will when you view it on your laptop.

Better Content

The first impression that a website has is obviously through the overall layout. However, we know that a reader is visiting a website because they are looking for useful information on our gift baskets. With this redesign, we aim to communicate better with our visitors through new content which is more detailed.

Our main aim for redesigning our website wasn’t simply because we wanted to make it look different or better than it was. Instead, we hope to use it as a tool to make it easier for our customers to browse through our luxurious gift baskets, understand our product line through relevant content, and order whatever they want effortlessly. Peter & Paul’s Gifts is well-known for giving priority to its customers, our new and improved website is just a part of the legacy we are following.