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Olive 101 (The Beginner’s Guide to Olives)

Featuring My Mother’s Olives & Olive Oil

Happy National Olive Day!

Olives are a magical fruit and have been a part of the human diet for thousands of years, long before martinis came into play.

They’re fantastically diverse and equally versatile (with wonderful health benefits too!), whether ground into spreads and tapenades, tossed into salads, simmered in stews and sauces, or eaten straight out of hand. Their sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent flavors are complex, making them an essential tool in any home cook’s arsenal.

But for us, at Peter & Paul’s Gifts, olives hold a special place in our hearts. Crafted with care and love, My Mother’s Olives and My Mother’s Olive Oil is our specialty, in-house brand made from a special recipe that CEOs, Peter and Anna, have worked tirelessly to perfect.

The olives are imported from Sparta, the heart of Greece’s olive region and grown from 100-year-old olive trees in the Eliopoulos’ family grove.

They are cultivated using the perfect recipe of climate, craftsmanship, fruitful soil, and sea air as well as harvested and handpicked with love. Washed and selected by hand, the olives are brine-cured and marinated in vinegar and olive oil, as well as other natural ingredients specially selected by CEOs, Peter and Anna.

Today, My Mother’s Olives and Olive Oil have evolved to become a staple in some our best-selling gift baskets, party favours and a fan-favourite at the venues.

Celebrate this special day with us with our beginner’s guide to olives!