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Mesmerizing Floral Subscriptions to Welcome Spring in Style

Peter & Paul’s Gifts is excited to present its monthly floral subscriptions to ensure you welcome this spring in style. We offer a beautiful collection of lively and fresh seasonal blooms perfect for any occasion during springtime, from Easter to Mother’s Day. We put a great deal of love and care into our products, and it shows. They’re grown without using any harsh chemicals and by incorporating different techniques that give back to the earth.

Floral subscription is an opportunity for you to receive flowers or have them delivered to someone you love. We will be sending out a different selection of blooms each time to surprise and impress the receiver. Read our blog post and find out more about the different types of subscriptions offered by us.


When choosing a hand-tied floral subscription, you’ll receive a lavish bouquet of flowers that are hand tied with seasonal flowers. It can be the perfect addition to any flower lover’s home, a businesses’ entrance or as a present. The bunch comes with a personal message from the designer with arrangement instructions and care tips to ensure the flowers last for up to 7 days or more. Have the best blooms that spring has to offer delivered directly to your loved one’s home or business or order one for yourself. The bunch can be ordered to be delivered once a month for up to 12 months.


Spring is the best season to send fresh flowers to someone who’s important to you. Bring some cheer and colour into a loved one’s home with expertly arranged fresh flowers from our deluxe subscription. Our experts create uplifting floral arrangements that will be cherished by the recipient for a long time. We have a large variety of fragrant and graceful arrangements that make for a great gift for any occasion. Our modern designs are full of fresh blooms and are available in a variety of styles to suit you and your recipient perfectly. It comes in a base that complements the arrangement and is ready to be displayed as soon as it is received. You have the advantage of deciding how often and for how long your recipient receives the flowers, ranging from a month up to a whole year or more.


Celebrate the reappearance of sunny days and warm breezes with our Luxury floral subscription including premium flowers, making this bunch extra special. We use only the freshest and most beautiful spring flowers that perfectly reflect the mood and colours of the season. Our bouquets provide a fresh burst of delicate yet vibrant colours and are packed with utmost care, ensuring the flowers arrive in a great condition. Every arrangement is custom-made, ensuring they are unique and nothing like you or your recipient have ever seen before. Every arrangement in the line is prepared inside a stylish and reusable base that can complement any interior and fit right in. You decide the frequency of the orders and we take care of the rest for you.

Designer’s Choice

If you’re running out of time to pick out an arrangement yourself, leave the job to our designer who can create an arrangement which is created with passion. The expert can take control and create a refreshing present that’s as unique as the recipient. The arrangements are artfully arranged to bring out the best of the season with bases that complement the trendy blooms. The quality containers can be placed in any setting, whether its at home or at an office. You can have them delivered once a month for up to 12 months to ensure your loved one can enjoy seasonal flowers all year round.

Welcome the joy of spring with floral subscriptions from Peter & Paul’s Gifts. Our wide range of products allows flower lovers the opportunity of receiving premium floras throughout the spring season. The diverse collection offers a dazzling alternative to grocery store bouquets that are generally treated with harsh chemicals to keep them looking fresh for a longer time. Browse our selection to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.