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Memorable Holiday Gifts for Your Clients

The holiday season is coming up and it’s time to start planning for the festivities. Be it your employees or your clients, everyone will soon be in a celebratory mood. Getting an early start will help you avoid stressful situations of last minute holiday shopping. Why not make the most of the holiday season by impressing your clients with a memorable gift? After all, they are the lifeblood of your business.

A small token of appreciation from you or your organization to your client(s) will not only show your gratitude, but also makes your client(s) remember you even during the holidays. Let Peter & Paul’s Gifts help you with a selection of exclusive gifts for your clients.

For Your Loyal Clients

Every business has their loyal clients who always trust their expertise, make payments on time and maintain a healthy business relationship. Those clients should be given priority when it comes to selecting holiday gifts. For them, we suggest some of the best gifts baskets from our collection, Hampton, Whiskey Box, Ultimate Indulgence – Large and Traveller’s Chest – Large. Both Ultimate Indulgence and Traveller’s Chest are wonderful gift baskets filled with sumptuous treats such as chocolate covered pretzels, brown sugared butter cookies, salty gourmet delights and other shareable snacks. Both gifts are arranged in a beautiful chest. You can personalize the wooden chest of Ultimate Indulgence with your company logo for a personal touch.

Whiskey Box and Hampton are luxurious gift baskets that can satisfy your clients’ crave for exclusive liquors. Hampton features two bottles of wine and some delicious gourmet foods while Whiskey Box, as the name suggests, features the essentials for any whiskey night including a bottle of Jack Daniels, two whiskey glassware, coaster and whiskey rocks.

For Your New Clients

When it comes to choosing a gift for your new clients, you have to play it safe. If your business relationship is new, select something that is sure to please your new client. How about something sweet? Crowd Pleaser – Large, Comfort Collection – Large and Treat Tower are the perfect gift baskets to add sweetness to your new friendship.

Crowd Pleaser is a beautiful wooden tray containing nuts, chocolates, candies and pretzels stored in a beautiful mason jar. Comfort Collection includes a bottle of wine and the highest quality sweets and salty snacks, sure to win over any new client with these impressive flavours. Last, but not the least, Treat Tower is a complete package that features Virginia peanuts, double chocolates, whimsical holiday chocolate and chocolate drizzled popcorn. These gifts are a great way to start to your new business relationship.

For the Overworked Clients

Not all clients will go into the holidays with a smile. Some have a long road ahead having to close out several big projects before the year-end. Help those clients with an unexpected gift such as Box O’ Joy and Tea Time this holiday season. Box O’ Joy is an amazing gift featuring hand-tied bouquet, delightful snacks and a bottle of white wine decorated in a stunning wood tray. It’s a perfect gift for any stressed-out client, reminding them to take a moment to relax. Another exceptional gift is Tea Time which includes a new mug, Tea Forte single steeps, a teapot and a diffuser to wake up your client with a cup of hot tea.

Decide on suitable gifts for your family, friends, colleagues and corporate clients by visiting the Peter & Paul Gifts website. Our exclusive collection of top brands is designed to impress everyone. You can go through all our gift baskets by having a look at our catalogue.

Happy holiday shopping!