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Master Corporate Holiday Giving with Gourmet Gift Baskets

This holiday season, show your co-workers, clients, and employees exactly how valued they are with a gift basket from Peter & Paul’s Gifts. Our large collection of exclusive corporate holiday gifts is perfect to be shared especially during office parties. Our baskets contain wine which can be perfectly paired with chocolates and nuts, which are also included. This makes it the ultimate in corporate gift giving to an employee or client who’s gone above and beyond.

Whether you go for one of our gourmet gift crates or a chic basket, they are all full of delectable treats that will have everyone talking about your generosity. Not only will they look amazing but taste incredible too. We can help you send the perfect gift that will make others feel appreciated and impressed at the same time. From fine wines to delectable cheese, let us help you out!

1. Sweet & Salty (Large)

This woven gift basket has a black trim and is packed with a large assortment of salty and sweet treats you can choose from. From pistachios and peanut brittle to chips and truffle oil, you can mix and match the snacks to go through a definitive snacking experience.

The Sweet Smith & Co. English Toffee has a rich butter toffee base, smeared with dark Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with local and fresh roasted peanuts. The Boutique Peanut Brittle is made in small batches and provides a scrumptious experience with its nutty and crispy texture. The Venchi Pralines Assorted Chocolates have an assortment of different chocolatey treats. The box has something for everyone, whether you like white, milk or dark chocolate.

2. Chillin’ Deluxe

The Chillin’ Deluxe has handpicked gourmet treats from all over the world in a basket featuring a dazzling bronze pedestal styled bottle chiller for the new Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne. With this gift basket, you will surely be the talk of the evening with all the products that this brilliantly curated basket has to offer.

The Snowball Mints in this basket are fun and festive and pair perfectly with the holiday spirit. The Smoked Salmon is naturally smoked in Canada and can be served with fresh crackers. The Gardiners Belgian Dark Chocolate Fudge is made with Hebridean sea salt and rich Belgian dark chocolate. They are prepared in small batches by hand using traditional Scottish methods. The Van Den Berg All Butter Sugar Biscuits are baked in a traditional knot shape. The soft yet flaky cookies are dusted with sugar making them irresistible. The Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne is the only champagne created to be enjoyed over ice. It has a rather intense fruity flavour with aromas of raspberry, nectarine, guava, and mango.

3. Box o’ Joy

This elegant wooden slot crate has woven rope handles and is full of items that are bound to bring a smile to the receiver’s face. It features items such as a bottle of fruity red wine, a sleek slate cheese board with cheese markers and a flower arrangement made with fresh seasonal flowers.

The Beldi Olive Black Tapenade is made with naturally ripened, black olives making it ideal to be blended with various pastas and served atop crostini. It is blended with sundried tomatoes, garlic and capers providing a rich balance of flavours. The 1802 Le Chatelard Herbes De Provence has a traditional mix of different aromatic herbs making it excellent for grilling and seasoning. The herbs used in the mixture are basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme. The crate also has Bread Sticks and Fresh Salami to be enjoyed with a bottle of Tarani Sauvignon 2016 Red Wine.

4. Crate O’ Gourmet (Small)

This wooden crate is full of some of the best gourmet items available such as dark chocolate almond bark, ouzo biscuits, and Spokes potato puffs. With a balanced blend of savoury and sweet treats, this gourmet gift basket is a charming present to give to any foodie.

The Santome Anna 6 Chardonnay White Wine has an intensity of flavours ranging from sweet pepper and fig leaves to fresh vegetables and slight sensations of sage followed by fruity hints of citrus and pineapple. The Spokes Potato Puffs is a definite healthy alternative to the regular chips available everywhere providing a crunchy bite and light flavour. The flavour and aroma of the Dear Crete Eclectic Ouzo Biscuits are made using various Greek ingredients and another healthy alternative you can munch on.

Our corporate gift baskets specially designed for the holidays will surely make you the topic of discussion among employees at the water cooler. The orders can be delivered in a short span of time, so you can forget about being stressed out with the holidays right around the corner. Peter & Paul’s Gifts has made corporate holiday giving so easy! Why not order your gift baskets today?