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Make It Personal

What is personalization?

Personalization is defined as: To have printed, engraved, or monogrammed with one’s name or initials (free dictionary), or the creation of custom tailored services that meet the individual customer’s particular needs or preferences (business dictionary). However, what does it really mean to have something personalized? At Peter & Paul’s Gifts we understand that finishing touches are just as important as the gift itself, which is why we asked 100 people what their thoughts were after receiving a personalized gift.

We asked, they answered:

“Receiving a personalized gift is a feeling second to none. You know that person put a lot of thought into your gift and you’ll cherish is longer.” – Victoria

“Above & Beyond! It beats those damn gift cards times a million” – John Paul

“I still remember the feeling when my boyfriend (husband now) bought me an engraved bar necklace with my name and I never take it off.” – Dina

“Who wouldn’t want their name engraved on something cool, especially when it’s something I’ll use or wear!” – Matt

“Makes you feel warm and fuzzy, just like having that nice cup of hot coco on a cold day” – Priscilla

The responses were overwhelmingly positive with majority of people revealing that they’d rather have something personalized and meaningful than simply putting cash in a card. The feeling of receiving a gift carrying a special message or displaying your initials leaves a long lasting impression and is something that is cherished rather than recycled.

Overall, the top 3 responses were:

  1. Makes you feel special
  2. The gift was well thought out and thoughtful
  3. Leaves an unforgettable impression

We want to make sure that the next gift you hand pick encompasses all of these attributes and leaves that long lasting impression, which is why many of our gifts can be custom engraved with a name, special message or company logo by using our onsite laser engraver. Our team at Peter & Paul’s Gifts knows how good it feels to receive a personalized gift, so we brought in an array of gifts dedicated to personalization. With so many options to choose from such as: cutting boards, pillows, crates, wine gift sets, liquor bottles, glassware, blankets, teddy bears, photo frames, and more we have what you need to take your gift from good to great.

What do you think about personalized gifts? Let us know in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on what’s new in our gift boutique.