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I Can’t Say I Do Without You

Cue the Wedding March!

Wedding season is here and no one is more excited than us at Peter & Paul’s Gifts! From centerpieces to wedding favours, it’s always exciting to see what kind of ideas our blushing brides have. Everyday we’re learning about something new from our clients and travels and today we’re sharing a tidbit with our brides!

So, you’ve got the ring on your finger — what’s next?

Choosing which of your beloved friends and family members you want to stand up with you on the big day! As marriage proposals have grown more elaborate, it’s not surprising that bridesmaid proposals and announcements have followed suit.

There’s several places to find inspiration whether it is on wedding blogs, wedding magazines or Pinterest boards (click here to see Bridesmaids Proposals We Love on Pinterest!) but one of our favourite ways to ‘pop the question’ is creating the Ultimate Bridesmaid Survival Kit. It’s sweet, smart and thoughtful!

We even created our own Bridal Survival Kit this season with our Can’t Say ‘I Do’ Without You crate! It’s an engraveable crate that comes with all the bridesmaid essentials: a bottle of white wine (paired with a wine glass!) to keep the stress away, a journal to jot down the important notes and dates, No.27 Rue de Marli scented wax tablets to keep her room or closet smelling fresh and floral, a Face Off Cloth to wipe away all the makeup with ease and a custom card to request their appearance as Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour.

Or want to make your own bridesmaids kit? The Gift Specialists at Peter & Paul’s Gifts are more than happy to help you create a customized gift and show you some of our exclusive gifts from Brands We Love (link to website), such as Kate Spade, Ted Baker and Mudpie. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of thoughtful and sweet things you can add to your own Bridesmaid Survival Kit to make it extra special!

1. It’s a Wrap!

Spoil your girls by wrapping them up in these silk kimono robes that come in pink, white or a floral pattern. Our favourite thing about them is that the ways to personalize them are endless! A monogram on the front lapel? Or maybe your bridesmaid’s name or title embroidered on the back? We can make it work.

2. For The Tears

Bridesmaids are there to make sure there is no ugly crying and if there is, they’re there to make sure you’re still the most beautiful ugly crier, and sometimes that requires a little sacrifice from the girls. Add a personalized handkerchief for them to wipe your tears and theirs on the big day.

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3. Dance the Night Away

Stilettos and high heels hurt. Especially if you’re a bridesmaid because there is little opportunity for you to rest since being camera ready is your duty. A little way to ease the pain is to provide some foldable flats that your girls can stash into their clutch. That way, when it’s time to let loose and dance the night away, their feet are comfy and protected!

4. Emergency Ready

Whether it’s breath mints, some Band-Aids or safety pins, a mini bottle of Advil for the morning after, adding some emergency items are smart and sweet touch. Another great idea is adding a manicure set – you never know if there’ll be a broken nail, some chipped nail polish or a loose thread that needs trimming. If you do plan to add a bottle of nail polish, this would be great opportunity to colour co-ordinate and introduce the wedding’s colour pallet!

 5. Hang it Up

It’s never too late to think ahead for photography opportunities for the big day and one of our favourite trends are personalized hangers for the bridal party. Have your girls hang up their bridesmaids’ dresses with a hanger personalized with their name and bridal team title. It’ll be a great way for them to store their bridesmaid dress as a keepsake after the wedding and an opportunity for some thoughtful wedding photography on the big day. 

Still need help? Or have ideas that we haven’t showcased on our list? The Gift Specialists at Peter and Paul’s Gifts can help you design the perfect, customized gift for your girls! Send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-281-4438. Here, at Peter and Paul’s, no cares more about your bridal gifts more than we do.

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