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How To Spot a Wine Lover

Gift giving is easy when you know what kind of gift you’re looking for. The best way to find out is to decide who you’re buying for and what it is they like. Do you have a wine lover on your list? At Peter & Paul’s Gifts we take pride in our expansive collection of wine gifts. From wine boxes and collectables, to wine displays we have the perfect addition to any kitchen. Sometimes spotting a wine lover can be challenging so here are some pointers on how to spot them!

  1. They have more wine glasses at home than water glasses
  2. When you’re invited to their place they always say “I’ve got everything covered!”
  3. Tags you in weekly wine memes – ‘Hey Friday, same time, same place? – Wine’
  4. Schedules visits to the liquor store
  5. Has a love for wine racks – either has more than one or searching for the perfect addition to their kitchen
  6. Travels region to region, sipping expensive wines from Argentina to Italy to New Zealand and beyond
  7. Hosts weekly wine nights
  8. Knows more about the wine list than the waiter does
  9. Owns a wine fridge to keep both reds and whites at the perfect temperature
  10. Has a wine for every occasion

Want to add a little something extra to your wine gift? Personalize it with an engraved cutting board great for those wine and cheese parties, or add a Newman’s wine rack so they can proudly display all their vintage finds! Whether you’re looking for a deep and full bodied red or a light and crisp white we offer a wide selection in addition to all the perfectly delicious snack pairings to go with them.

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