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How to Organize the Perfect Holiday Party for Your Employees

The Christmas season is the best time to establish a festive environment in the office. The fun-filled atmosphere adds to the Christmas celebration and creates an ideal moment for companies to encourage teamwork and show employee appreciation.

Annual company Christmas parties is an excellent opportunity to build corporate culture, bring people together and boost company morale. It creates an opportunity to increase employee satisfaction and boost retention levels. Therefore, it should be organized with care while keeping some basic guidelines in mind.

The Peter & Paul’s Gifts staff has made a great guide to assist you in organizing the perfect holiday party for your employees, with the help of our exceptional gifts items.

Choose a Suitable Time

Deciding on an appropriate time to hold the party is important to ensure high participation from all employees. Therefore, the best time is lunch hour on working days as the duration of the event will not interfere with most people’s personal time and commitments. Employees can wrap up their work and manage their meetings to attend the event if the party is during the lunch hours.

Determine a Budget

The secret behind a successful corporate event is budget management. It’s necessary to set limits for different expenditures related to the party, as it will help you in prioritizing various elements of the event and avoid overspending. Whether its the décor, menu or liquor, everything should be ranked according to the budget allocated. To play it safe, set aside an extra amount, in case you need to add something urgently before the event.

Colourful Decorations

Think out-of-the-box and add colour to your holiday party. Unlike traditional corporate events with simple colour tones and decorations, try to incorporate different floral arrangements to add colour to the décor. Our exclusive floral gifts sets such as Vibrant Vitality, Winter Expression and Oh So Lovely are beautiful collections of fragrant red roses, orchids, sunflowers and white lisianthus. They are ideal for decorating events or for presenting welcome gifts to guests. You can even place them on tables or hang them near the entrance to give an inviting appearance for your event.

Limit the Alcohol Consumption

Not everyone handles alcohol the same way, so it’s best to limit the amount of alcohol consumption. Set a limit on the alcoholic beverage offered or choose wine or beer instead of whiskey, rum or vodka. Our Wine Gifts collection can help with choosing the optimal wine selection.

Consider Giving Away Party Favours

Party favours provide an excellent opportunity to establish a healthy relationship with your employees. They act as a token of remembrance for the fun holiday party. Our Shop Holidays collection includes amazing gift baskets, ideal for presenting as party favours for your employees. The collection includes Adventure Awaits, Snacker-Small, Silver Bells-Large, Bliss and Pristine Pleasures. Your staff will be very happy when receiving these lovely treats during the holidays.

These recommendations from Peter & Paul’s Gifts are essential to make your company’s holiday party a huge success. You can gain an edge by incorporating our exclusive collection of gifts at your event. Don’t delay, hurry up and start preparing for your next festive party.