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Holiday Décor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Mantel

Christmas is a popular time of the year when families decorate their homes with floral arrangements pursuing the widespread tradition. Adding statement pieces and shiny objects such as metallic vases can make the space uniquely yours. Whether your taste is minimalist or exuberant, formal or casual, the mantel is a spot you can use to express your style since it is the focal point of the room.

Looking to update your mantel but unsure of where you should begin? Don’t worry! Peter & Paul’s Gifts have come up with some ideas you can use to get the stylish display you aspire to achieve. Our collections are hand-tied to perfection incorporating seasonal blooms styled by our experts to complement the base it’s set upon.

1. Divine Planter

The planter consists of a gorgeous composition of roses, hydrangeas, wax flowers, gerbera daisies, green buttons, and hypericum berries. Bits of curly willow are added throughout the arrangement to balance the look and create a planter that’s pleasing to the eyes. It looks best when displayed on a mantel, a centerpiece or a windowsill. The centerpiece will add life and colour to any spot that it’s added to. The flowers are potted in a whitewashed planter and the product is recommended for indoor use only. It is the perfect adornment with a wide bloom of flowers to brighten up any room and bring a smile to anyone’s face.

2. Mercury Magic Set

This beautiful set consists of seasonal greens with pinecones, green cymbidium orchids, a variety of succulents and twigs. The set is accentuated by a fabulous collection of silver and gold mercury vases, displaying a variety of silhouettes and heights to create a cohesive look. The collection melds function and form in an artful way, making it an ideal centerpiece for any table or mantel for the holidays.

3. Glass Terrarium

Succulents are a type of plant that is becoming a raging trend among florals today. The piece is a natural statement maker and the terrarium is one-of-a-kind. By incorporating this lovely terrarium in your décor, you can create a mini-oasis on your busy mantel or accentuate your coffee table. The succulents are easy to care for along with being drought tolerant, making them an amazing addition to any space. You can add a bit of charming contemporary style to any space you add this arrangement as well.

4. Vibrant Vitality

Feel vibrant with this handcrafted floral arrangement containing green button mums, red roses, gerbera daisies, orange cymbidium orchids, and sunflowers. The arrangement can help enchant your guests with its sophistication and melt any heart. The flowers are presented in an unforgettable way with their aromatic sophistication intact. This simple and elegant vase can be displayed in a modern dining table, coffee table or side table and also add a unique space on a mantel or windowsill. Welcome the holidays with this cheery and bright arrangement.

5. Urban Arrangement

With this arrangement, there is no need to worry about watering your plants as succulents can store water in their fleshy stems and leaves. They are easy to maintain making them great houseplants. The arrangement can help bring a minimalist style to your home while also providing an organic appeal to the room. The bowl styled vase adds to the garden chic, natural look and brings an earthy interest to any indoor place it’s added to.

6. Lantern Love

Bring a little holiday spirit to your mantel with this attractive floral arrangement. This candleholder centerpiece holds a selection of pine cones, evergreens, and black magic roses. The arrangement surrounds a contemporary lantern with a pillar candle holder located at the centre. The lantern can bring casual sophistication to any décor and is considered to be ideal for holiday settings. The lush green base is proportionate to the lantern and is made using seasonal flowers.

A stylishly designed mantel is an important feature as its often the first thing people see when they enter a room. Follow these decorating ideas and create a space that will catch any visitor’s eye while also staying true to your personal taste and style. Our holiday decorations are great additions for Christmas parties and with proper care, they can last through the New Year’s too.