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Here’s to the Mums

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Here’s to the moms.

They’re beautiful, smart, strong and inspiring.

They are more than people that raised us. They are women who, despite our mistakes and frequent whining (admit it), continue to love us unconditionally.

From tending to the smallest of scrapes to being the perfect shoulder to cry on when times get hard, moms have been there for us every step of the way. And with Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to show our moms, wives, sisters, aunties and grandmothers how much we appreciate and love them for all that they do.

While selecting the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be fun, it can be difficult finding a gift that can convey what your mom means to you, while also being something that you know she’ll love. At Peter and Paul’s, we have curated a special selection of Mother’s Day gifts that are perfect for every mom – whether she is tea fanatic, a natural hostess, a wannabe sommelier or just needs a well-deserved day of pampering.

The Mum Who’s a Tea Fanatic.

Is your mom an avid collector of premium quality teas? Or is she like mine, where she just recently discovered that the world of teas has expanded beyond jasmine, chamomile and earl grey?

For any mom that would appreciate quality tea, Sloane Fine Tea Merchants offers premium specialty teas sourced from the point of origin.

Exclusive to Peter and Paul’s Gifts, the, Zenful Awakening and Secrets of Sloane gift baskets feature Sloane’s Heavenly Cream and Jasmine Mist Teas.

Heavenly Cream is a signature black blend tea, with a creamy vanilla linger, designed for the afternoon or evening – especially paired with desserts –  whereas Jasmine Mist is a classic green tea, with a floral jasmine linger, from Fujian Province, China.

The Mum That Loves to Play Hostess.

The Artisan Gourmet is perfect for the mom that likes to go above and beyond when friends and family are over. Sometimes they can get a little carried away, to the point where they even stress themselves out, but that’s the thing about moms – if it means making someone smile, sometimes there’s no stopping them.

Have her ready to party with an oversized cutting board, a 3-dip set, My Mother’s Olives and Olive Oil and Commodore Estate Merlot. The Commodore Estate an easy-drinking  red wine. The medium-bodied Merlot has juicy flavours of red berries and cherry with notes of black tea, oak and spice on the finish. Also, we can’t forget about the snacks! To satisfy her munchies, we paired the set with crisp fig crackers, red onion jelly and three hot dip mixes – caramelized onion, crab & spinach and artichoke.

The Mum That Needs a Note Pad.

Moms are master multi-taskers. The clean clothes, the fully stocked pantry, the roof over our heads and the snacks and juice boxes at the sports games weren’t done by magic elves. And on top of that, when we’re having a bad day or feeling sick, they’re always there with their warm hugs, trying their ultimate best to comfort and cheer us up – and it always works.

How they manage to do it all, it boggles my mind, but with so many roles to juggle as a mom, it makes sense when they’re forgetful.

Help mom jot down some notes with one of our Kate Spade stationary sets.  

To the Mum That Needs to Treated Like the Queen She is.

All moms are Queens. Enough said.

Moms work hard without expecting thank yous, and often times they do things that they don’t want to do or are less beneficial to themselves just so that their families can succeed and live harmoniously.

Whether it may be that they set aside their dreams to raise their family or having to put a brave face to kill that giant spider in the basement – moms are superheroes and everyday, they’re learning. Their ability to find anything that’s lost, open any sealed jar, be pest control (or pest rescuer), make broken things work or be amazingly skilled negotiators, didn’t magically appear out of no where!

Pamper your mom with Pamper Me, a collection from Casa by Pure Living. Gifted in a wooden crate that can be personalized with special message, Pamper Me features the Casa Jasmine hand soap, hand cream and soy wax candle paired with a loofah and Olive Authiques’s Ginger and Lemongrass bath salts.

The Mum That’s Guilty of a Sweet Tooth.

My mom always nags me about all the chocolates and cookies and crackers I store in my pantry – but little does she know, that I know that she frequents through my stash when she’s stressed. Yes, mom, I keep tabs on how many cookies there are in the cookie tray and last week, there were three less than there were supposed to be.  I’m sorry, but I love you.

Indulge her sweet tooth with one of our new specialty chocolate baskets for the spring!

The Mum That Loves Wine (maybe a little too much)

For the mom that loves wine, the real sacrifice wasn’t giving birth, it was giving up nine months of vino. If your mom likes to play it fancy, needs a break from our whining (pun intended) or maybe believes that a glass of wine a day makes her a better mom, treat her with one our signature wine baskets.

What a Girl Wants is just right for the trendy mom as it features a Kate Spade catch-all dish and lifestyle book, a Kind in Heart mug and greeting card set, a fresh succulent and most importantly, the star of the show, Pinot Grigio Blush – a very refreshing Venetian white wine blending Garganega and Pinot Grigio

Or if your mom prefers a glass of rose and needs some extra storage space for her hoarding needs, All of Her Favourite Things might be the perfect fit. And if one bottle of wine is still not enough, why not get her three with some indulgent chocolates and truffles with Wine Lovers?

Haven’t found anything that might be perfect for your special Mom? The Gift Specialists at Peter and Paul’s Gifts can help you design the perfect, customized gift for her! Send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-281-4438. Here, at Peter and Paul’s, no cares more about your gifts more than we do.

Gifts featured here are subjected to limited availability while supplies last.