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Give Graciously with Our New Hello Holidays Gift Baskets

The holiday season is a time of happiness and joy and the perfect way to ensure everyone enjoys it to the fullest is by giving your loved ones a gift basket. The joy on their face on receiving such a magnificent basket will make your day and theirs. If, however, you cannot make it for the celebrations for whatever reason, you can also have the gift basket delivered. In this way, you can be with your family in spirit and they will most certainly be grateful for the thoughtful gesture.

Add extra cheer to your holidays with delicious gift baskets specially designed for the holidays by Peter & Paul’s Gifts. Our gift baskets are filled with savoury snacks, intriguing chocolates, and much more which are carefully crafted to make hearts merry. Here are some suggestions from our new “Hello Holiday” collection that you can choose from to fill your holidays with delectable treats.

1. Festive Gathering (Large)

This attractive whitewashed wooden basket is filled with a seamless mix of holiday treats required for throwing a gourmet get-together. This gift basket is a great blend of savoury and sweet snacks. Featuring products like chocolate oat crumble cookies, white truffle oil and smores mix popcorn, it is guaranteed to satisfy even the most peculiar cravings.

The Cartwright & Butler Chocolate Oat Crumble Cookies have the perfect buttery, crumbly and oaty texture which the delicious chocolate oat cookies are known for. Jody’s Peanut Butter Artisinal Popcorn are scrumptiously sweet and salty flavours mixed with the smooth and very distinct taste of peanut butter. The fun and festive Snowball Mints are scotch mints that are ideal for some post-meal freshness. The Simon Coll 50% Cacao Dark Chocolate is a luxurious chocolate bar that’s made in Spain. A traditional cocoa roast is used on these beans, giving it the perfect flavour to be enjoyed by chocolate enthusiasts.

2. Santa’s Best (Large)

Created beautifully with metal finishes and locks, this oversized wooden chest brims with items hand-picked to complement each other. This wonderful chest is filled with products like brie cheese, veggie chips and chocolate dipped figs among other items, making it the ultimate present to gift to your loved ones this holiday season.

The Saxon Chocolates Dark Chocolate Dipped Black Mission Figs has 12 whole figs in each of the containers which are dipped in dark chocolate. It has a chewy yet delicious taste and texture that will leave you wanting more. The Castello Brie Cheese is soft and white in colour with a mild aromatic taste. Its texture is so soft, it’s almost spreadable with a taste similar to Camembert. The cheese is perfect when paired with roasted hazelnuts, crispy vegetables, fruity aromatic wines, fresh bread and more. The Frantoi Cutrera Eggplant Caponata is an old-fashioned caponata made using eggplant, onions, herbs, and olives. The different flavours mix together to create a ready-to-serve and flavourful appetizer which goes really well with crackers and slices of baguette.

3. Snow Day

This multipurpose metal planter is white in colour and filled with goodies that are symbolic of the very first snow day. The gift basket features snowball mints and snowflake marshmallows that you can enjoy with your family on winter mornings.

The Saxon Snowflake Marshmallow are fluffy and festive and pair impeccably with a cup of hot chocolate. The Belgian Chocolate Peppermint Bark is a rich and dark Belgian chocolate which is infused with peppermint to create a holiday-themed treat. Elsa’s Story Raspberry Filled Butter Cookies are handmade and carefully packed with a tarty and sweet raspberry filling. The East Shore Seasoned Pretzels are made using the original East Shore recipe with an added kick of flavour. They are seasoned with fresh spices and herbs that are handpicked to provide a delightful burst of flavours, even when consumed by itself.

4. Holiday Hostess (Large)

This wicker basket is the perfect gift for a holiday hostess, filled with treats that are bound to please any crowd. The products added in this beautiful deep round and grey basket are handpicked keeping the holiday spirit in mind.

Add a gourmet twist to your holiday gatherings with Ma’s Kitchen Bark made using a recipe which tastes exactly like grandma’s chocolatey butterscotch nuts bar. Made using whole ingredients, this item is an all-time favourite for all ages. The J&M Holiday Spice Tea Cookies are perfect to be paired with a cup of hot chocolate or warm tea to make the cold winter mornings seem more welcoming. These cookies feature a delicate blend of nutmeg, chai, ginger and cinnamon flavours, making then deliciously inviting. The Frantoi Cutrera Pink Grapefruit Marmalade Spread, a sweet and tarty spread is made using fresh ingredients and contains no preservatives. It’s the quintessential spread for a toasted baguette or a creamy cheese. The Fine Cheese Co. Fig, Honey and Olive Oil Crackers are lovely to have when paired with any kind of cheese due to its intentionally subtle flavours. Flavoured with a drizzle of honey and fig, they are an excellent addition to any charcuterie board.

5. Winter Wonderland (Large)

The beautiful white and blue wicker basket can be used as a multipurpose storage bin along with being a gorgeous gift basket. It’s full of savoury and salty holiday treats which definitely makes it a winter wonderland.

The Fine English Water Crackers have a nutty taste with a crispy texture that can be paired perfectly with cheese. The Chocolate Signatures Dark Chocolate Almond Bark is an irresistible, yet simple treat made using almonds and dark chocolate that’s sure to impress chocolate lovers. The Old Dominion Original Peanut Crunch have salted peanuts covered in a brittle glaze, creating a mouth-watering peanut brittle. The Jubileu Chocolate Covered Assorted Nuts have the perfect balance of salty and sweet. It is made with whole hazelnuts and almonds enveloped in white and milk chocolates.

There’s nothing like the joy of giving to your loved ones during the holiday season. Celebrate the approaching holidays with Peter & Paul’s Gifts’ “Hello Holiday” collection designed to suit the upcoming occasions perfectly. Our gift baskets are filled with treats that your loved ones can enjoy, whether they have a palette for sweet nibbles or savoury snacks. Visit our website today and browse through our holiday gift basket collection.