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Gifts Perfect to Welcome Baby

Welcoming a wonderful baby to this world is an astounding moment. The family grew and everyone’s hearts got a lot bigger. For the new addition to the family, show the parents of the new baby how happy you are for them and baby with a gift basket from Peter & Paul’s Gifts!

Nursery Essentials

If you’re a parent, you know how stressful it is the first few days after bringing baby home. In the Nursery Essentials gift basket, we’ve included Baby’s essentials. This basket includes: a hooded towel, 4 washcloths, a muslin blanket, a receiving blanket, a onesie, a pair of socks, an Avent sippy cup, a vinyl feeding bib, and newborn diapers, all stored in a 2-piece white wicker basket with lining. This gift is perfect for the day of the delivery or when you’re visiting baby for the first time.

Hello World

Welcome baby with our Hello World gift basket. It’s perfectly cute for both baby girl and baby boy. It comes with a cute Juddlies Outfit with a maple leaf and raccoon plush.  This basket also includes a washcloth, a hooded towel, a bib, and a pair of socks with Hello World engraved on them. Until baby can talk, this is the best way for baby to tell the world hello in the cutest way possible.

Embroidered Plush

The best gifts out there are the ones personalized for the recipient. Embroider a plush bear in blue or pink with baby’s name or birthday or whatever you want to put. You can embroider up to three lines on the bear. We’re sure this gift will be super meaningful to the parents and when baby is all grown up, they’ll really appreciate the gift too.

Gifts for Siblings and Parents

When bringing gifts to the family, sometimes there might a brand-new big sister or big brother who is proud about their new sibling. Congratulate the newly older sibling with a gift by adding a I Am A Big Sister or I Am A Big Brother book. You also don’t want to forget about Mom and Dad, you can add a bottle of Prosecco or Lucia soaps to the basket because being a parent can sometimes be challenging.

We Love What We Do, And It Shows!

There is nothing more enchanting than the birth of a baby! This means a new family member, a new daughter, son, cousin, playmate, niece, nephew, etc. The addition of a new family member is always exciting and sharing that excitement through gift giving is what we do. Check out our Baby Collection and shop online today!