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Gifts for Game Night

Whether it’s date night, happy hour, or family night, anytime is game time with these gift boxes! Exploding of fun, each of these gift boxes are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face and made to make any moment memorable. Get your game face on and check out these game night gift baskets.


Trivia with a Mix

The perfect drink would have to be the Caesar! It’s uniquely spicy bursting with flavours of tomato. We’ve created the Trivia with a Mix gift basket to allow you to create the perfect Caesar at the comfort of your own kitchen. That’s why we added Walter’s craft Caesar mix and rim spices!


To top it off we’ve added Eatable Caesar flavoured popcorn and crostini breadsticks. Then, we’ve added a cheese board with a box of Castello Brie cheese just because it pairs so well with a Caesar.


Of course, this blog is about game time, so this box includes a set of Get Smart Trivia Questions by After Dinner Amusements. We’re sure Trivia Night will be filled with boozy brain busters and delicious treats with your loved ones.


Retro Fun

Remember when you were a kid? Everything was so simple and easy. Get your dose of nostalgia with the Retro Fun gift basket. Bring everyone together and complete the 500-piece retro candy puzzle. While working on the puzzle, we’re sure you’ll build up a bit of an appetite. That’s why we’ve added QC Jelly beans, jujubes, and maple popcorn. We’ve also added some childhood favourites like Tootsie Dots & a Nestle Crunch bar.


We’re sure you’ll feel like a kid again, but if there’s one thing that you didn’t have access to as kid, it’s booze. Add your favourite drink to the Glass Smoothie cup included in this box. That’s why we’ve named this box Retro Fun,


Game Night

Consider yourself a competitive board gamer? Then this box is for you. Outsmart your opponent in a game of chess or checkers. If you’re in the mood to share, we’ve included snacks like Maison Popcorn microwaveable caramel popcorn, candied peanuts, Ritter Sport 55% smooth dark chocolate, Boom Candy stripes, and Mighty Fine chocolate dipped toffee bombs.


If you like to play games with high stakes, we suggest betting the snacks for a round of chess or checkers. Regardless, if you’re competitive or not, this gift box is perfect for families that love board games.


We Love What We Do, And It Shows!

Level up game night with one of our gift baskets and order a gift basket from Peter & Paul’s. We’re sure it’ll be a gift that keeps on giving with all the memories you’ll make with it! At Peter & Paul’s Gifts, our goal is to ensure that giving and receiving gifts is a personal and memorable experience.


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