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Gift Ideas for Your Next BBQ Summer Season Party

The summer season is in full effect, and we couldn’t be any more excited to celebrate grand Canadian holidays with the warm weather. Whether you are hosting, attending, or getting creative with some planning, BBQ parties are the way to go before autumn hits. We all look forward to spending quality time with friends and family, gathered around the BBQ of home cooked food and snacks. Oftentimes, potluck style parties are very common, but what if you want to add an extra special gift to the occasion? Peter and Paul’s Gifts are here to guide you through picking the best gift to show ultimate gratitude to those BBQ party hosts.

Fire ‘N Flames

The name of this package tells you everything you need to know! Fire N’ Flames includes all things BBQ, grilling, and good food and wine. Gift your host some new tapenade, BBQ sauce and dips for their next gathering. We’ve included high-quality brands like Wildly Delicious and Rockway Wine. It truly is a complete set of goodies.

Canadian Spirit 

Celebrate being Canadian with this exclusive basket of Canada-themed products. As a proudly Canadian company, we love promoting great spirit for our locally made products, all representing the best of this country’s culture. Recognize Canadian excellence with Gretzky Red Cask Canadian Whiskey! Plus, snacks like maple glazed popcorn and Chef inspired Black Maple tapenade. 

Project Fire Grill Master

Here we have another package with a name so perfect for this theme of BBQ parties–it should be the whole title of this blog. We call this one a grill master’s dream. Not only does it include barbeque supplies and snacks like Black Maple Marinade and Red Diablo Spanish Hot Sauce, but also culinary writer Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire cookbook! Gift this one to that one grill master you know who could always use some delicious new recipes.


Cheers to Beers

Cheers to Beers includes, you guessed it, beer! Specifically, a unique selection of craft beer. Perfect for anyone who enjoys a classic summertime drink, we put together a simple, affordable gift basket featuring craft beers that will be sure to have you wanting another. Not to forget about the select sweet and salty snacks to top it all off. 

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These BBQ and summertime inspired gifts can be an exceptional addition to your part in the BBQ season. Contact us today should you have any questions about products, delivery, and more. Happy grilling!