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Engraving Identity

Stay Turned, we have some exciting news to offer.

The days of generic, gifting are long gone, it’s all about showing up to the party with something made just for them. Savvy Gift- givers know that a thoughtful present goes a long way, and were about to take gift giving to another level. No matter what the occasion is whether it be a birthday, wedding, new baby, housewarming, promotional items, or corporate functions – it is now easy to personalize any gift.

Peter and Paul’s Gifts now has a personalization laser engraving machine on site. The opportunities with this machine are endless as we can engrave on almost anything! – for example leather, glass, wood, stainless steel, plastic and many more. Our staff is well informed with the capabilities that this machine has to offer and is here to help you if you have any questions. You now have the ability to turn a unique gift into a one of a kind

If you’re looking for something personalized, but need a little inspiration to get started, you’re in the right place.

Start scrolling through this list of ideas for a personalized gift, each gift is guaranteed to make an impression.