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Delicious Gourmet Gift Baskets for the Host of a BBQ

If you’ve been invited for a barbeque by a friend, family or co-worker, show your gratitude by bringing something for the host.  Gourmet gift baskets can help take some of the load off them by having refreshments they can offer to their guests while everyone waits. They can indulge in decadent products and share them with their loved ones. If you’re thinking of bringing a gift basket, consider getting something from Peter & Paul’s Gifts’ extensive range of gift baskets that are perfect for the occasion. It’s a great way of showing your appreciation for the host’s hard work and you can rest assured knowing no one else will bring the same gift. Discover some of our products you can consider in the blog post below.

1. Summer BBQ Enterainment Board

Summer BBQ Gifts have never looked so good and tasted so delicious.  This hostess gift is a big hit among our foodies with its oversized wood serving board (Measures 24″ x 11.5″) and maple-glazed wild smoked salmon it offers a unique opportunity to serve up some delicious summertime deliciousness.  This gift also includes a bottle of Rockway vineyards red wine that will pair nicely with the supplied spices and rubs.

2. Epicurean Delight Large

This is an exceptional gift basket containing all the fixings needed to make a meal, starting from appetizers to dessert. It’s perfect to be shared and can be personalized with an engraving to make it extra special. The Filotea Le Matassine Linguine is a gourmet pasta and can be added to any sauce. The Caposaldo Chianti 2016 Red wine is ruby red in colour and gives off a fruity aroma. It can be paired with any Italian dish made with tomato-based sauces. The Collection 82 Bomba is a traditional Italian sauce made using the finest ingredients and includes red chili peppers. The Collection 82 Peaches are sliced peaches that can be added to any dessert and pairs exceptionally well with vanilla ice cream. The Ines Rosales Rosemary & Thyme Olive Oil Torta are deliciously crunchy tortas with aromatic notes of thyme and rosemary.

2. Ultimate Crate – Regular

This crate is filled with a combination of themed gifts ideal for any party or get-together. The Corkcicle 60 oz. Canteen is made with triple insulation and can keep any liquid hot for 12 hours and cold for up to 25 hours. The disposable Black Drink Cups are a trendy way of enjoying beverages. The Candied Nuts Tin contains an interesting mix of nuts that are coated with seasoning. The “Indulgent Gourmet” Maple Flavoured Kettle Popcorn is a premium popping corn made with pure canola oil, natural sea salt, and pure cane sugar. The Fig and Blue Cheese Shortbread cookies can be served with single malt whiskey or reds with a bold flavour. The “Tyrell’s” Hand-Cooked Potato Chips are made using fresh potatoes and contains no preservatives.

3. Burger Night

This gift basket contains all the basic fixings to make a classic burger. It contains a bottle of wildly Delicious BBQ Sauce made with applewood and hickory which is an impossibly addictive robust and balanced condiment, ideal for grilling. It contains characteristic sweetness, tartness, smokiness, and saltiness. The sauce also has a mix of spices which augment the tomato base and the applewood smoke. The Triple Maple Mustard is made with maple vinegar, maple syrup, and maple whiskey. This layering helps build an intensely smooth flavour and the whole seeds give it a memorable finish. The 2015 Rockway Vineyard Red has a fresh and flavourful taste with aromas of rhubarb, black cherry, and cassis with mild hints of cedar, cocoa, and vanilla bean. The distinct notes on the palate are that of blackberry, strawberry, spice, and pepper. The wine pairs well with any kind of food. The Gourmet du Village 3-Flavour Burger Spices is a seasoning trio of steak spice, hearty garlic, and spicy chipotle. 

4. Group share X-Large

This basket contains a fusion of savoury and sweet products which are assembled on top of a wooden tray. The gift can easily become a centerpiece of a gathering and has plenty to be shared. The Neal Brothers Medium Salsa is made using whole ingredients that are freshly sourced. The Saxon Chocolates Belgian Chocolate Handmade Truffles are an assortment of ganache-filled truffles covered in a layer of Belgian chocolate. The Cupido Tiramisu Dessert Cups have a rich tiramisu filling. The Saxon Chocolates Chocolate Covered Cherries are fresh cherries covered in red Belgian chocolate and can be paired with chocolate and fruits. The Van Den Berg Caramel Sugar Twists are traditional and flaky biscuits from The Netherlands made with the finest ingredients. They are lightly dusted with sugar, making them a true delight. The Tago Excellent Finest European Biscuit Variety contains a variety of delightful cookies. The Hard Bite BBQ Chips are smoking hot and have a fresh-off-the-grill feel. They’re hand cooked to ensure every bite is flavoured to perfection and crunchy.

5. Snacks ‘n Such Large

This wooden crate is brimming with gourmet treats including salty kettle corn, chocolate chip cookies, and black truffle oil chips among much more. The Indulge Gourmet Sweet & Salty Popcorn uses the finest ingredients to create a mouth-watering sweet and savoury snack. The Tutti Bites with Almond Flakes is creatively crafted to offer a rich blend to fulfill snack cravings. The Collection 82 Peanut Butter Caramel Popcorn is smothered in peanut butter caramel sauce which is finished with a drizzle of dark chocolate. The Collection 82 Tube of Chocolate Covered Peanuts offers peanuts enclosed in an irresistible layer of milk chocolate.

Why not get something for the lady of the house when considering a thoughtful present for the host of the barbeque. After all, she’s putting in the same amount of effort to make the arrangements. We have gift baskets that can ensure she doesn’t feel left out and feel as much a part of the event as her partner. Choose the “Hostess” gift basket for the perfect hostess to appreciate all the hard work that will go into the BBQ.

6. Hostess

This stunning deep wooden tray makes hosting any gathering classier and simpler. The Caramel Popcorn is dipped in caramel, to guarantee a delectable snack. The Mondovino Aperitivo Toasted Sesame & Spring Onion Crackers are unique and can be consumed with cheese. The Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds are premium roasted almonds covered in 70% dark chocolate. The Caleo Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Red Wine has violet highlights. It offers a dry and round palate with a full-bodied finish. The Chocolate Dipped Toffee are handmade toffee with a chewy texture and is completely covered in dark chocolate.

If you know someone who loves cooking outdoors and has invited you for one such gathering, they will appreciate a thoughtful gift basket from our vast collection. Our products are filled with treats that the host can either use during the barbeque or snack on once everyone has left. The extraordinary gesture can help strengthen your relationship with them too.

7. Summer Night

This summer gift basket is part of our 2019 summer collection. Simple and very delicious this basket comes in at a $70 price point making it an affordable option that won’t break the bank for a casual get together.  The rustic base can be re-purposed after all the delicious snacks and drinks have been enjoyed.  An ice bucket, flower pot, or even a snack container for future bbq’s.  This gift basket can be delivered directly to the bbq host or to your address.