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Check Out Our New Fall Collection – Collection 82

The latest addition to our fall collection is the brand new “Collection 82”, featuring a variety of gourmet products from all over the world. Cherish international flavours that are carefully selected by our expert gift-givers which perfectly capture a blend of authentic Italian, Greek and other European flavours. The collection includes numerous thoughtfully designed gifts that are handpicked by our team who can help you give your loved ones completely new flavour experiences.

Collection 82 consists of gourmet gifts that are the season’s best and are a perfect gift for hostesses. We have something for everyone, whether it’s a celebration at home or work. Let’s have a look at some of the delicious gift boxes that you can purchase right now and master “The Art of Five Star Giving”.

Co. 82 Mistro Box

Snuggled within our signature box are two very delicious wines along with preserved peaches, Dolce Fig Spread and Chocolate Coated Nuts. The first included wine is Caposaldo Chianti 2016 Red Wine which has a fruity fragrance and a smooth texture with an elegant finish. It’s best when paired with food that has tomato-based sauces like pasta and pizza. The Caposaldo Pinot Grigio White Wine features a crisp, vivacious and dry texture paired with a delicate aroma of almonds, flowers and white fruit. The wine can be matched with a variety of delicate cheeses, pasta dishes and white meat. The sliced and sweet peaches are made in Ohio and can be added to any dessert. The best way to experience the fruity kick is to have it with vanilla ice cream.

Co. 82 Euro Box

The Euro Box from our collection 82 showcases gourmet products that showcase some of our most favourite places in Europe. Our family grows a selection of olives that are shipped straight to our facility and marinated to flawlessness. They are also pressed to make an aromatic and delicious olive oil. The Dolce Fig Spread featured is an incredibly rich item that fully utilizes the sweet and concentrated flavour of Mediterranean figs. The box also features a classic basil pesto that can add an enjoyably refreshing kick when used to marinate meat and fish or tossed into fresh pasta. Other products include a traditional Italian sauce and a ruby red wine with a fruity perfume, brilliant structure and smooth texture.

Co. 82 Euro Box 2

This awesome crate includes our signature Olive Oil and My Mother’s Olives with three savoury spreads, pesto, spicy bomba and olives. The gift box also contains Pinot Grigio and Chianti wines. Black Olive Tapenade which is the perfect combination with crackers or crusty bread, is also included. To add a kick of heat to any food, you can add the Bomba available in the gift box to your meal. It is a traditional Italian sauce that is made using the finest native ingredients.

Co. 82 Festivo Box

A common favourite, the Festivo box contains the Veuve Ciloque Yellow Label Brut Champagne (375 ml) which successfully merges two contrasting elements, silkiness and strength. Our Smore’s Mix Popcorn is dipped in caramel and drizzled with rich white and dark chocolate. Then, graham crackers and pieces of fluffy marshmallow are added to the assortment. Another amazing product is our peanut butter caramel popcorn which is finished off with a dark chocolate drizzle.

Cheer up your loved ones by choosing gourmet products from our versatile Collection 82. You can use them on various occasions from birthday parties to weddings. Our gift givers have arranged these crates to add a spark to your celebrations. Browse through Peter & Paul’s Gifts online store to get more gourmet gift ideas.