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Charcuterie Board & Cheese Lovers Will Adore Our Gifts

Charcuterie (pronounced: SHAR-COOT-ER-EE) boards are all the craze these days, they’re easy to make and for sure a crowd pleaser. It’s the perfect combination of salty smoked meats, crispy crackers, sweet condiments, and flavourful cheeses to indulge in. We’ve created premium gift baskets for those who adore charcuterie boards or are absolute cheese fanatics. To make gifts extra special, we’ve paired each basket with wines to compliment each basket’s flavour palette.



Our Nibble basket is perfect for someone you’d like to give an introduction to charcuterie because it comes with the essentials for building a board. First, we provide your recipient with a Petite Mason Olive Board. It then comes with delicious sides like My Mother’s Olives, My Mother’s Olives Olive Oil, and Joy Styxs Black Sesame breadsticks.


It also includes a bottle of Dominic Evolution South Australian Chardonnay. This wine is medium-bodied with exquisite flavours of jasmine, honeysuckle, nectarines, apricots, and peaches.


Lastly, the most important part of a charcuterie or cheese board is the creamy, umami flavored Castello Brie cheese to tie together the whole charcuterie board.


Perfect Pairing

We can all agree that that cheese, smoked meats, and wine are the perfect pairing, hence the reason why we named this gift “Perfect Pairing”. We’re sure that your recipient will have repeated cheese and wine nights with this gift.


It comes with a wood serving board with cheese utensils to make charcuterie night effortless and hassle free. With Fresh Parmiggiano Reggiano Cheese and Volpi Salami, your tastebuds will experience a balance of nutty and subtly salty flavours. Crispy accompaniments adorn this gift with Buitman Cheddar Crunch Biscuits and Vita Sana Taralli Twista breadsticks. This gift also includes a bottle of My Mother’s Olive Oil and a jar of My Mother’s Olives.


To tie the whole gift together, the Perfect Pairing includes a bottle of Sensi Riserva Chianti. Boasting flavours of orange and a gorgeous ruby red colour, this wine is flavourful, full-bodied, and the Perfect Pairing for parmiggiano and salami.


Epicurian Delight - Small

Filled with luxurious and indulgent delicacies, our small Epicurian Delight is a crate perfect for a charcuterie enthusiast. This epic crate is filled to the brim with some of our favourite gourmet brands for those who enjoy complex flavours.


Diversify your flavour palette with fresh and nutty Parmiggiano Reggiano Cheese, artisanal Vita Sana Taralli Twists breadsticks, and Ma’s Handcrafted Chocolate Bark.

Various sides that add layers of flavour by 82Co include Dolce Fig, Salsa Bomba, Black Olive Tapenade, Penne Pasta, and Artisan Basil Sauce can be found in this gift. Crunchy elements by Les Minettes are also included like nuts, crackers, and popcorn. For that specially gourmet touch, My Mother’s Olive Oil and My Mother’s Olives is also included.


To make this gift extra special, you have the choice of adding Tenuta I Fauri Montepulciano Red Wine or Tenuta I Fauri Trebbiano White Wine to this crate. The red wine exhibits aromas of cherry, plum and wild mint while the white wine flaunts aromas of white plum, peach, and chamomile. Whether you pick red or white wine, the recipient of this crate will feel complete opulence while indulging in these gourmet treats.


Feel like spoiling a special someone? This crate also comes in a larger size with more gourmet treats!


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