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Celebrate Canada Day with Peter & Paul’s Gifts

Now that it’s officially summer, it’s the perfect time to entertain friends and family, especially since Canada Day is around the corner. What better way to celebrate Canada than to celebrate with Canadian-made drinks and treats! At Peter & Paul’s Gifts, we have the perfect gift basket to celebrate Canada Day.


Canadian Breakfast

To start off the morning, invite your guests over for a Canadian-made brunch made from our Canadian Breakfast gift basket. This basket includes a long board with handle, a wood knife spreader, an organic granola jar, pink grapefruit marmalade, and fresh banana bread loaf.


We’ve also added products by Canadian-grown companies like Sheena’s Scottish Lemon Shortbread, Desirs Organic Dark Chocolate Bar with Quinoa, and Eve’s Savoury Sunflower Crackers. Of course, we can’t forget Maple Syrup to truly make this basket quintessentially Canadian.


Canadian Spirit

For a Canada Day snack, hone in on your Canadian Spirit with this gift basket for you and your guests! This gift holds the essence of Canada, that’s why we call this gift the Canadian Spirit. We’ve outdone ourselves by adding tons of gourmet maple products to make this gift as Canadian as possible.


In the basket, we’ve added Chef-inspired Black Maple marinade, award-winning artisan Maple Shortbread, and Artisan Maple Glazed Popcorn. We’ve added the perfect appetizers with smoky Wild Canadian Sockeye Salmon, Spicy Cajun Nut Mixture, deluxe nut brittle, and dark chocolate covered almonds.


It’s a long weekend, go ahead and put your feet up! We’ve added 2 Live Edge Coasters and an Iron Bottle opener for Canada Day drinks. Last but not least, we’ve included Gretzky No.99 Whisky by Canadian Icon and hockey player, Wayne Gretzky.


Canadian Comforts

At the end of the day, we’ve got the perfect Canadian gift basket to indulge in while watching the fireworks on a picnic blanket. This basket includes a Black Walnut Board to place our wide selection of treats.


We’ve included Christy's pecan butter tart toffee bark, Fig-apple walnut compote, fig & walnut wine compote, 82co. deluxe mix, Joy styx black sesame breadsticks, Cherrington water crackers, and Dolce sea salt & caramel chocolate bark. Make this Canadian board even tastier by adding some smoked meats and cheese. Lastly, we added Vieni briganti white wine to conclude the Canadian Comforts board and for you to conclude Canada Day.


We Love What We Do And It Shows!

Enjoy your Canada Day Long Weekend with friends and family with Peter & Paul’s Gifts! At Peter & Paul’s Gifts, our goal is to ensure that giving and receiving gifts is a personal and memorable experience.


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