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Care Packages for You or Your College Kid

It’s almost that time of year where you send off the kid back to school! Can you believe it? How long ago was it when you cradled them in your arms or walked them into class for their first day of kindergarten?


Regardless of whether it’s your adult child’s first year of their undergraduate or if it’s their last year in grad school, sending your child off to school will always be bittersweet. They’re happy for their freedom and you’re still trying to convince them to stay home.


At the end of the day, they’ve made the choice to pursue their post-secondary education and as a parent, you’re always there to support them. At Peter and Paul’s Gifts, we understand how stressful school can be for your kid or how hard it is to prepare for your child to leave home; that’s why we’ve got Care Packages perfect for either your child or perfect for you!


Self Love

Being a student is definitely stressful, especially if you’re away from home! As a parent, the absence of your child at home can also be really stressful.


Our Self Love gift basket is perfect for whether you or your child needs some stress relief and self-love. We’ve added some comforting snacks like Alemany Caramelized Hazelnuts, Laid Back Snacks Hearty Tamari, Greek Kourabie Biscuits with Almonds, and Granolust Savory Granola Clusters. We’ve also added a Smoothie Tumbler, perfect for staying hydrated or bringing your smoothie on the go!


Lastly, during stressful times, one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself is to write your thoughts out. We’ve included a Wellness Journal to help you get started on your self-love.


Sweet As Honey

Nothing is more soothing than a warm drink smothered in honey. In our Sweet as Honey gift basket, we bring elegance and luxury to tea time. This gift is perfect for your college kid just because they’re sweet as honey or you just need a comforting warm drink after a long day.


This basket includes Twinings chamomile honey & vanilla tea, Cookie It Up gluten-free butterscotch cookies, Real Treat lemon biscuits, maple fudge, and locally sourced honey. We’ve completed this kit with a Sweet As Honey 3 piece tea set with a tray, mug, & spoon.


Whether you’re getting this gift basket for your adult child or for yourself, our Sweet as Honey gift box is the perfect gift to help someone decompress during stressful times!


Chill Out

Is your child stressing out about coming back to school? Are you stressing about them leaving to go back to school. The name of this gift says it all because you need to Chill Out.


This care package is filled with lavender themed items and includes products with lavender. Did you know that Queen Victoria used lavender-infused tea to ease her stomach? This gift box is perfect to help you or the college kid in your life chill out. It includes C’est Bon Bon fruit gummies, Cookie It Up thin & crisp cookies, Tealish “Chill Out” loose leaf herbal tea, Paddywax lavender mimosa petals candle, 7 loose chocolate truffles, and a glass mug with a heart.


We Love What We Do, And It Shows!

With the beginning of the academic school year around the corner, we’re sure that both college students and parents are stressing out. The college kids are getting packed and ready for their academic journey while parents are stressing about their kids being in post-secondary. Celebrate this milestone in the college kid’s life with our wide selection of care packages.


At Peter & Paul’s Gifts, we strive for every interaction with our company to reflect our passion and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our specialization is the creation, production and packaging of premium, high-quality, handmade products that create a beautiful gift. Order your gifts online today!