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Buy Valentine’s Day Gifts According to Your Partner’s Personality

Every person has a specific personality trait that makes him/her different from other people. For this Valentine’s Day, personalize your gift to your partner by keeping in mind that quirk and making your gift selection extra special.

The Peter & Paul’s Gifts staff has compiled some exceptional Valentine’s Day gift baskets that are perfect to match different personalities. Find the one that suits your partner’s persona to impress him/her with your innovative thinking.

Early Riser

If your partner is an early bird who loves to wake up with or before sunrise and go for a walk and start his/her day, then we have the right gift for him/her. Rise, Shine, Repeat and Ultimate Zen are excellent gift baskets that complement your partner’s good habits. Rise, Shine, Repeat features everything you need for a healthy breakfast such as pancake mix, coffee, crackers, biscotti, a coffee mug, breakfast skillet and grapefruit marmalade. Pair this with the Ultimate Zen that includes Tea Forte single steeps, teapot, diffuser and honey along with some other useful items. Gift these baskets to your lovely early riser and give a fresh start to the Valentine’s Day morning.

BBQ Chef

You’re blessed if your partner is a great cook, especially when it comes to barbeque. Encourage his/her barbequing skills by gifting Maple and BBQ Addict as Valentine’s Day presents. Both the gift baskets are filled with the BBQ essentials such as BBQ sauce, triple maple mustard, kitchen towel, a small pitcher with lid and brush, tomato ketchup, tortilla chips and salsa. You can use these items for a special BBQ date in the summer where you both can cook together and enjoy the meal.

Brand Conscious

If your significant other loves to buy products from top brands such as Kate Spade and Crabtree & Evelyn, then we have something for them. Crabtree & Evelyn Moroccan Myrrh Traveller for your brand conscious husband or boyfriend and Kate Spade Charlotte Street East 4 Piece Setting for your brand loyal wife or girlfriend. The Crabtree & Evelyn Moroccan Myrrh Traveller contains hair & body wash, shaving cream, after shave balm and cologne that features a strong and manly scent to suit his dapper personality. The Kate Spade 4-piece set will be a fashionable addition to the luxurious cutlery collection of your lovely lady.

Treat Addict

Does your partner love sweet treats and salty snacks? If so, then Celebration – Regular is sure to bring a smile to his/her face. It includes a wide variety of tasty food items such as smoked salmon, cabernet jelly, a bottle of champagne, orange marmalade and parmesan cheese & cracked black pepper crisps. If your sweet-toothed partner wants more of these mouth-watering snacks, then gift him/her Home Grown – Large containing chocolate drizzled popcorn, shortbread, pickles, crackers, pretzels and cookies. Delicious, isn’t it?

Start planning for this Valentine’s Day by selecting a wonderful gift that suits your partner’s personality. Your better half will be impressed with your unique approach and thoughtfulness. Give a twist to your Valentine’s Day celebrations by choosing these gifts.