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Birth Flowers

We always knew that our sign gives us characteristics of who we are as individuals, but what about your birth flowers?

As floral designers we love incorporating your birth flower into special occasion floral arrangements and floral bouquets.

We think a wedding theme designed with birth flowers of the bride and groom is a thoughtful meaningful way to merge two lovers in the florals for your big day. Each flower has unique characteristics. What do you think your birth flower says about you?


January carnation

Red carnations represent admiration, while dark red denote deep love and affection.White carnations represent pure love and good luck, while striped (variegated) carnations symbolises regret that a love cannot be shared.


February violet

Violets typically have heart-shaped leaves, and asymmetrical flowers. The shape of the petals defines many species, for example, some Violets have a spur at the end of each petal.


March daffodil

The daffodil symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. It became associated with new beginnings (and the coming of spring) because it is one of the first perennials to bloom after the winter frost.


April daisy

A daisy is a flowering plant with a large, star-shaped head that has clusters of florets surrounding a center disc of yellow or black florets. The daisy family is also known as the aster family, or Asteraceae, referring to the star-shaped flower.


May lily of the valley

In Germanic mythology, lily of the valley flowers are associated with the humility and purity of the virgin goddess Ostara.


June rose

The rose represents balance. And on the Death card, it's a reminder of purity, clarity, and transparency of intent. Roses can also mean secrecy or confidentiality. The rose represents balance.


July larkspur

The larkspur represents the strong bond of love. In general, it signifies an open heart, ardent attachment to someone and the celebration of positivity. As with many flowers, the symbolism changes with the color of the bloom.


August gladiolus

Because of their association with gladiators, the gladiolus flower meaning is strength and integrity. They also symbolize infatuation. By giving a gladiolus to someone, the giver sends the message “you piece my heart” to the receiver, because of the flower's pointed shape. Another gladiolus meaning is remembrance.


September morning glory or aster

Morning glory flower primarily symbolizes affection, the vine produces new flowers every day during its growth season, representing the renewable nature of love. The morning glory flower blooms and dies within a single day.


October marigold or cosmos

marigolds sometimes symbolize darker emotions such as jealousy, grief, despair, and mourning. Cosmos flowers are often used to symbolize order and harmony, due largely to the flower's harmonious petals. The scent and bright color of the flower is the most common reason why the flower is viewed to symbolize peace and wholeness.


November chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums generally symbolize longevity, fidelity, joy and optimism. Various colors symbolize other important meanings as well. Red chrysanthemums symbolize love and deep passion.


December holly

holly is a symbol of fertility and eternal life, thought to have magical powers.