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Anna Eliopoulos on Humber Heels and Giving Back to her Community…

If you ask Anna Eliopoulos why she gives so much of her time to Humber River Hospital, she doesn’t hesitate to share that Humber has been her hospital for most of her life. Anna grew up in the area. Her parents have been patients here, she has been a Humber patient, and she’s taken her kids here too when they needed care.

Anna is a longstanding Hospital volunteer and is celebrating her 10-year anniversary as the chair of the annual Women’s Event (now known as Humber Heels), which is coming up on November 8th, 2018.

“I love that Humber Heels is for women!” says Anna. “It is such a fun night to be surrounded by other women and celebrate a female Humber Hero who makes a difference for her patients every day. It’s empowering.”

A few years ago, Anna suffered a burst appendix and found herself in the care of Dr. Laura Whiteacre, a General Surgeon at Humber’s Finch Site.

“Dr. Whiteacre is amazing,” says Anna. “Her bedside manner was unbelievable. I was scared but was so grateful for her care.”

Last year, Anna was treated at Humber’s Wilson Site by Dr. Victor Toran, an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist following an accident and again, had nothing but praise for the care she received.

“Both Dr. Toran and the nurses on my care team were really exceptional,” she remembers.

Experiencing the difference of the new Wilson Site first-hand as a patient was special for Anna, who was instrumental in fundraising for the Hospital, which opened 3 years ago on October 18th, 2015.

“I love that the automation and digital records at Humber mean that the staff and physicians can spend more time at the bedside,” she says. “At the end of the day, I want to help make healthcare the best it can be for others. Humber has been there for me and my family when we needed it, and my experience on the other side is what inspires me to give back.”

Anna and her husband Peter Eliopoulos established By Peter and Paul’s in 1982, a hospitality and entertainment company that is an important partner at Humber River Hospital Foundation’s signature events. In addition to ensuring that each guest at The River Ball gala and Humber Heels enjoys every bite of their delicious meals, the By Peter and Paul’s online holiday catalogue features 5 gift baskets where 10% of sales are donated back to Humber.

WATCH NOW: Humber Heels 2018 is only a few weeks away!