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All the Single Ladies (and Guys Too)

Who said that Valentine’s Day can only be celebrated by couples? At Peter & Paul’s Gifts we’re calling all our single guys and gals to celebrate the day by showing some love… just because! So get excited because our new Single’s Gifts let everyone feel the love on this special day.

Reservations For One

Give your best girlfriend a reminder of the friendship you two share this Valentine ’s Day with “Reservations for One.” This luxe gift set includes a luscious succulent that is low maintenance and will last throughout the years. This Single’s Gift also comes with a stylish notepad, delicious French imported chocolate and cute mug.

Score Some Points

Hey gentlemen, we haven’t forgotten about you. Ladies get in on the action by sending your guy-friends a gift packed with everything needed for an epic night. What’s included? Belvedere Vodka, Peak King ice cubes, chocolate, cocktail book and Peace Collective’s “Home is Toronto” tee, because we never get tired of reppin’ our city.

Also, get creative this Valentine’s Day and have some fun with gift giving.

Send a gift. Spread the love.
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