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A Perfect Guide to Gifting Every Personality You Know (Part – II)

A gourmet gift basket reflecting the recipient’s personality and taste can reflect how you feel about them too. Now you can surprise your loved ones with products filled with specialty snacks. At Peter & Paul’s Gifts, we have a huge collection of gourmet gift baskets to fit any kind of personality. In our previous blog, we mentioned a few gift baskets that are perfect for specific personalities. Read part two of our blog post to discover a few more amazing gift baskets which you can pick out for loved ones on your list with.

1. Epicurean Delight Large

For the foodie on your list, this popular crate is absolutely perfect as it’s brimming with all the fixings needed to prepare a feast from appetizer to dessert. It is a perfect gift to enjoy with family and friends including mouth-watering snacks and featuring bottles of wine, olives, and cheese that can elevate any charcuterie board.

The Caposaldo Chianti 2016 Red Wine has a smooth texture, excellent structure, a fruity perfume with an elegant finish. Its flavour comes out best when paired with pasta and pizza with a tomato-based sauce. The Caposaldo Pinot Grigio White Wine is a contrasting wine with a crisp, dry and vibrant texture and delicate aromas of almonds, flowers, and fruits. This wine tastes best when paired with pasta dishes, delicate cheeses and food incorporating white meats. The Fresh Salami and Fresh Cheese are both perfect additions for a charcuterie board. The Dora Tomato Basil Artisan Pasta Sauce is an artisanal sauce made using whole ingredients such as fresh basil and ripe tomatoes.

2. Rose All Day

This gift basket is sure to be loved by any trendsetter always looking to make a statement. The products are placed in a rose gold wire basket with gifts appropriate for pampering oneself. The products are sure to make an impact on your guests and acquaintances encouraging them to follow suit.

The Sugarfina Rose All Day 3 pc Candy Bento Box containing Rosé infused gummy bears, bears covered in tarty sugar crystals and Rosé Roses, which are rosettes that are fused with Rosé wine straight from Provence. The Le Bouquet de Lili Room Spray has a delicate fragrance of fresh herbs and white flowers. The Le Bouquet de Lili Soap is a 100% vegetable-based soap enhanced with shea butter providing complete moisturizing for all skin types. The Le Bouquet de Lili Bath Salts is enriched with lively fragrances of various white flowers. It is the best product to relieve tired aching muscles at the end of a long day.

3. Mercury Magic Set

This gorgeous set of silver and gold mercury vases can be the perfect gift for your friend who is or aspires to be a decorator. This set consists of some seasonal greens, succulents, twigs, cymbidium orchids and pinecones that can help accentuate the space they are incorporated in. This set can also be a centerpiece for holiday tables, adding a charming accent to the items present around it.

4. 82 Euro Box 2

The Co. 82 Euro Box is an ideal gift to give to a connoisseur including products that are handpicked by our experts. The Caposaldo Chianti 2016 Red wine has a brilliant ruby red colour and an exceptional structure. The Collection 82 Black Olive Tapenade is made with the finest olives and is the perfect spread for crackers and crusty bread. The Collection 82 Bomba is an authentic Italian sauce made with fresh red chili peppers and other fine ingredients. My Mother’s Olives is made using the best selection of olives and marinated to perfection. The Collection 82 Pesto is a classic pesto made with basil capable of adding a pleasantly uplifting kick and ideal to be tossed into fresh pasta or to be used as a marinade for fish and meat.

Presenting someone with a gourmet gift basket may seem generic and unoriginal, but with Peter & Paul’s Gifts, you can pick out a product that fits the interests of that someone special. Our versatile gift baskets are perfect for individuals with a variety of interests and personality traits. Our products are handpicked by our experts and filled with delicious treats and snacks to be enjoyed by everybody.