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7 Gift Baskets to Make Your Summer BBQ Parties More Enjoyable

The summertime with its warm sun and longer days is the ideal season for outdoor parties. We all know what that calls for, it’s BBQ time! This is a great way to relax and spend quality time with your family and friends while enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.

At Peter & Paul’s Gifts, we’ve compiled a list of sumptuous gift baskets that include barbecue essentials to complement your BBQ parties in the summer. These gifts are perfect for the host and the guests. Read on to learn more about our selection of gift baskets.

1. Maple

It’s the ideal present for your friends, guests or the hosts of summer BBQ parties. It contains gourmet honey mustard, gourmet tomato ketchup, pepper salsa, delicious tortilla chips, a poutine mix, and a grilled cheese cookbook neatly arranged inside a metal frame basket with handles. You can get all the gourmet toppings you need to make your BBQ party more enjoyable.

2. Chef’s Table

This gift basket is an excellent option for the host or hostess of the BBQ party. It includes an interesting selection of barbecue seasonings and savouries, sauces, and tasty accompaniments. Be it grilled meat or burgers, your host or hostess will love receiving this gift. You can find rich, fresh parmesan cheese, fresh Italian salami, two lemons, roasted red peppers, marinated olives, olive oil, honey, tortilla bread, and breadsticks in this basket. These are accompanied by a bottle of red wine, tea towel, a bamboo cutting board, and a floral arrangement.

3. Salute

Another top pick from our gift basket collection is Salute which comes loaded with red pepper jelly, pasta sauce, crispy Greek breadsticks in different flavours, pita crisps, sundried tomato dip, tomato passata, and olive oil to complement your party treats. It also includes a bottle of red wine, pasta, and a tea towel.

4. Artisan Board

With appetizing savouries, bread, and a bottle of red wine, our Artisan Board basket also makes it to this list. With the dried herbs to add more flavours to your grilled food, tomato dip, marinated olives, olive oil, hand-baked biscuits, baguette crisps, sundried tomato and asiago shortbreads, you have many delectable items here. A ceramic bread warming basket is also included in this gift.

5. Burger Night

Loaded with flavourful BBQ sauces, flavoured mustard, sundried tomato ketchup, burger spices in three different flavours, beer nuts, pistachios, and a bottle of wine, this gift basket is also perfect to impress your recipient.

6. Festive Recipe

Check out this basket which includes some nice accompaniments to spice up your summer party. Starting from premium sea salt, extra virgin olive oils in flavours such as fresh basil, garlic, and Kalamata olives, tomato and olive sauce to pasta, and white wine, this assortment will surely delight your recipients.

7. Smokin’ Hot

One of our top recommendations, this basket comes with signature spices, peppery snacks, a hot sauce kit that includes blends of dried peppers with distinct flavours and some essential tools like strainers, funnel, glass bottles, etc. With this gift, you can be sure to heighten the flavours of the party food and brighten the smile of everyone who is attending.

Follow these suggestions and choose any of these gift baskets for your summer BBQ parties. We hope you’ll start the summer fun right with these delicious gift baskets from Peter & Paul’s Gifts. For more gourmet gifts, browse through our website.