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5 Amazing Gifts for Your Coworkers That They’ll Actually Like to Receive

You see each other every day and spend most of your week with them – we’re talking about your coworkers. But even after spending countless hours working alongside each other, it can get stressful to find appropriate gifts for them on their special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, or simply on occasions to show appreciation for their work, support, and for making your week bearable.

Buying gifts for your coworkers can be a challenging task because you might not know them very well. Also, you need to make sure that your gift conveys the right message and is office-appropriate. Remember that the right gifts will help you build a more amicable relationship at work.

To help make your gift selection process for your coworkers easier, Peter & Paul’s Gifts has come up with some unique and interesting recommendations in this blog post.

1. One in a Million Business Card Holder

A classy business card holder can make for an endearing gift if you’re looking for a gender-neutral present. This amazing black business card holder from renowned designer brand Kate Spade comes with gracefully curved edges and a Crown Point gold frame. You can personalize this gift by imprinting the name or initials of your co-worker on the satin packaging ribbon, and also add a greeting card or a specialty item to make it more special for the recipient.

2. Glass Terrarium

Succulent plants are popular trending gifts as they can be a wonderful addition to any space, especially offices, and they need very little care. We recommend this cute glass terrarium for thanking or congratulating your coworkers on any occasion. Also, these drought-tolerant plants symbolize endurance and timeless bonding which is why it can also be gifted on special occasions or office celebrations.

3. Sugarfina Happy Holidays Box

You’ll definitely have at least one co-worker who is passionate about candies. Delight his/her taste buds and spread the holiday cheer with these best-selling seasonal candies from renowned brand Sugarfina. This Bento Box comes with 4 pieces of delicious candies such as sugar cookies, pumpkin pie caramels, candy cane caramels, and gingerbread cookies.

4. Succulent with Wine

This is one stunning gift to delight your coworkers. Paired with a bottle of wine from the boutique winery of Valle Secreto, the beautiful succulent plants in a wooden tray can make for an amazing addition to the office desk. The superior taste of the wine will help cheer up your coworkers. The succulents don’t require much care and they also symbolize endurance which means it can serve as a motivation at the workplace.

5. Dream Bubble Bath

You can gift your coworkers the much-needed at-home relaxation with this Dream Bubble Bath from Margot Elena’s internationally acclaimed luxury product line, Lollia. This particular pamper product had found its way to Oprah Winfrey’s favourite list! The rich moisturising bubble bath comes loaded with the goodness of avocado oil, olive oil, aloe vera extracts, and lavender flowers in a combined refreshing fragrance of honeysuckle, linden, white tea, and bergamot. Packaged in an eye-catching bottle with Margot Elena’s signature blue patterns of this product line, your office friend will simply love to receive this self-care gift.

Buying gifts for your coworkers can be tricky but when you have some thoughtful ideas, the entire experience can be a lot of fun. We hope you find our gift recommendations helpful. You can also find hundreds of other unique and creative presents suitable for your coworkers at the online gifting store of Peter & Paul’s Gifts. Happy gifting and spreading smiles!