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4 Exciting Gift Ideas for Best Friends to Celebrate the Bonding You Share

Your best friends are basically family! They’re always there by your side in times of need to support you through thick and thin. This is why you always want to give them the best when it comes to celebrating their special occasions or expressing your love and thankfulness for the bond you share.

But sometimes choosing a perfect gift for your best friends can get difficult even when you know them really well. It’s common to run out of your creative ideas and feel exhausted and we, at Peter & Paul’s Gifts understand this. To help you with your gift selection for your BFFs, we have compiled a list of some of our top gift ideas in this blog post. Take a look at our recommendations for inspiration.

1. For the Friend Who Loves Snacks

We all have at least one friend who’s always hungry and loves to munch on snacks. Delight them with a delicious food gift basket from Peter & Paul’s Gifts. There are several gourmet baskets available at our online gifting store and you can choose one that suits your BFF’s taste buds. Some of our suggestions are Sugarfina Faves Bento Box that comes loaded with eight popular luxury candies packaged in a beautiful sparkling keepsake box; and Group Share Small basket that contains cheese crisps, maple flavoured popcorn, cookies, almond biscotti, kettle chips, chocolate covered delicacies, and lots more.

2. For the Friend Who Loves to Travel

If your friend often takes trips, give him/her a gift that they can find helpful while they’re on the go. We recommend our Travel Jewelry Bag for your female best friend who finds it annoying to pack jewellery and similar essentials. She’ll love this bag that can help her keep her accessories organized and tangle-free.  You can also check out our Shadow Flora Storage Boxes which can be gifted to any friend. It comes with three boxes of different sizes to keep things set and beautifully organized inside travel bags or backpacks.

3. For the Friend Who Loves Tea

We recommend Tea Time for your besties whose hearts jumps at the refreshing scent of a cup of tea. Loaded with Tea Forte single steeps, mug, teapot and diffuser, this gift will definitely make their day! You can also check out our Tea Forte Dolce Vita 5 Asst Teas which is a fantastic collection of five organic dessert teas if you’re looking for something unconventional.

4. For the Friend Who Loves to Host Parties

Our Classico – Large gift basket makes for an ideal present for friends who love to host parties. It contains an enjoyable assortment of chocolate shortbread cookies, vanilla sweet sticks, butterscotch drops, chocolate covered Espresso beans, potato chips, popcorn, Almond Roca, and more. All of these items come arranged neatly on a beautiful easy-to-carry metal planter that makes it even ideal for outdoor use. You can pair this gift basket with our Lampe Berger room fragrance set which includes a wonderful diffuser and air purifier.

Choosing appropriate gifts for the friends who hold a special place in your heart isn’t easy, especially when you have hundreds of options. Follow these suggestions when buying gifts for your best friends to make your gift searching process easier and faster. The online store of Peter & Paul’s Gifts offers an extensive collection of gifts for all occasions. Browse through our website for more gift ideas and celebrate your friendship.