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4 Delightful Employee Appreciation Gifts for Going Away Celebrations

The success of your business depends not only on the products and services but also on the employees who help to make it happen. Appreciating your employees, be it full-time or part-time workers or interns is an opportunity to commemorate their outstanding efforts and recognize their achievements in the workplace. Organizing a special event and giving them appreciation gifts keeps employees motivated.

However, a lot of part-time employees and interns often leave their jobs for new career opportunities or to continue their education. Celebrating their going away with appreciation gifts is an excellent way to recognize and reward their good efforts, boost their morale, and strengthen relationships. These gifts also act as constant reminders of how you value your employees.

It’s important that you choose your employee appreciation gifts carefully. Our team at Peter & Paul’s Gifts has put together some employee appreciation gift ideas ideal for going away celebrations.

1. Lifestyle Gifts

These gifts are practical and useful. We feature an assortment of useful items that your employees will be elated to choose from. Our collection includes crockpots, portable blenders, 5-piece bamboo BBQ sets, Espresso and Cappuccino machines, picnic tables, vertical smokers, digital ovens, tower fans, golf sets, and more. They’re fun, cool, and will help make life easier.

2. Tech Gifts

We have a wide range of tech gifts suitable for different age groups to enjoy. Starting from Bluetooth speakers, headsets, noise cancelling headphones, fitness wristbands to mirrorless cameras, Windows tablets, and more, you can find some really exciting items on our website.

3. Thank You Gifts

Who doesn’t love good food? Thanking departing employees with gift cards from popular restaurants is a delightful gift idea. We have gift cards from The David Duncan House available in $50 denominations. This north Toronto restaurant is popular for its delicious prime steak and seafood and provides an amazing dining experience with its inviting atmosphere. Peter & Paul’s Gifts makes this gift even more special by pairing it with a package that includes a bottle of wine, and two glasses in our customized crate.

4. Gourmet Food Gifts

Gourmet gifts are versatile presents and are a good way to recognize their hard work and performance in your organization. Among our wide array of gourmet selection, you’ll find suitable appreciation gifts for your employees. Some of our top recommendations are Ultimate Crate – Regular, Celebration, and What a Girl Wants.

The Ultimate Crate contains Corkcicle 60 oz. canteen, party cups, fig and blue cheese shortbread cookies, maple flavoured popcorn, potato chips, mixed and candied nuts. The Celebration gift basket comes loaded with premium sweet and salty snacks such as delicious smoked salmon, handmade crisps, fig cabernet jelly, Lindt dark chocolate and a bottle of wine. Our What a Girl Wants gift basket is specially composed to suit chic women employees. It contains a bottle of wine, delectable candies, a salt lamp, a cozy blanket, and Kate Spade’s “All in Good Taste” book beautifully arranged in a crate.

Follow these recommendations when you need to show appreciation to your going away employees to make the moment special and memorable for them. Personalize the gifts to make them more endearing to the recipients.

Peter & Paul’s Gifts has also come up with a unique customizable employee recognition program where we can work with you to create a gifting website. We’ll build an assortment of gifts suitable for various milestones. The employees can log on to the website and choose a gift that’s certain to delight them. We’ll prepare the gift on receiving the order and then ship it to them.