Anna always knew she was going to be an entrepreneur as it all started when she and her husband, Peter Eliopoulos opened up their first family restaurant 35 years ago. Anna’s passion for gift giving began with her generosity and interesting gift giving to her family and friends; which has developed into one of the largest premier gift companies in Canada. As President and CEO, Anna remains very hands-on in the gift development process as she travels worldwide and works side-by-side with the production team and purchasing guru’s to ensure that all customers feel luxurious, sophisticated, and comforted with each gift they order or receive. Her enthusiasm, zeal for the business, and an absolute dedication to customer service is contagious and translates into her working side by side with the best team in the business.

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Being the first-born in the Eliopoulos family, Katherine immediately became involved in the family business at the age of 13 working in their family restaurant. Following in her mother, Anna’s, footsteps; Katherine also loved composing gifts by incorporating the latest and trendiest products and continued to support the development of the Peter & Paul’s Gifts team. While she is very much involved in every aspect of the business, Katherine’s true passion is designing the Peter & Paul’s Gifts Baby Collection. Being a mother of four, Katherine is determined to find the best baby products by travelling around the world and even takes them for a test drive on her own family to ensure its quality and practicality in the collection.

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From the early stages, Angela has been involved in many hands-on projects which led her into participating in the development and organization of the Peter & Paul’s Gifts warehouse. Responsible for driving the operational excellence of warehouse supplies, monitoring work performance and reinforcing safety standards, Angela is adept in communicating with vendors and our team to ensure we are right on track! Also, playing Tetris was her specialty, so when it came to logistics, Angela is truly our warehouse wizard.

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If you need anything, just ask MJ…she’s the brains of the Peter & Paul’s Gifts product division.  Being with the company for more than 17 years, Mary Jon has seen the company grow and expand and has become the go-to person for everything. If you need to know what supplier to use, where to find something in the warehouse or anything in terms of product pricing, she’ll have the answer for you.  MJ is a true treasure and a pleasure to have on the team.  During her quiet time, you’ll find MJ enjoying time with her family or planning her next getaway.

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For Silvana, every day is an adventure and is never the same as the last. From assisting customers in the store to designing custom baskets on the fly and preparing our annual and seasonal gifts, Silvana strives to challenge her designing skills and creativity by ensuring that each gift will receive that wow-factor. Being with Peter & Paul’s Gifts since 2001, Silvana is the brains behind our elegant, gourmet composed gifts. What makes her role so rewarding is accomplishing the one, two plus sample requests she receives daily and seeing customers fall in love with an option she designs. Nothing is more rewarding than that for Silvana.

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Attention to detail is Franca’s specialty which is showcased in her custom floral arrangements. With over 30 years of customer service and 20 years specializing in the bridal and event planning industry, it was a natural progression for Franca to work with and understand the floral business. She plants love into her work every day by assisting and communicating with customers and transforming their vision into her beautifully designed floral arrangements. The most rewarding part of her day is the positive feedback she receives from her happy customers and knowing her arrangements exceeded their expectations. So remember to make Franca’s day by sending some love when you order her floral arrangements.

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