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Just Strollin'

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This sturdy wooden stroller is perfect for the little lady who’s always copying mommy. It is ideally suited to accompany your child’s first exploration of the world, as they take their dolls and stuffed toys for a stroll. For optimal safety, it comes with a removable anti-tip system. The stroller also includes a soft blanket for your little one to wrap their dolls in. This set is paired with a 3 piece knit outfit as well as a story book to compliment any type of playtime.


3 piece knit outfit:  This is the perfect outfit for your little one to simply lounge or play in. The long sleeve knit shirt and pants is comfortable and breathable, letting your little one move around with ease. This outfit is finished off with an adorable beanie.

Jimmy Fallon “Everything is Mama” Book: Written by the Emmy Award and Grammy Award Winner Jimmy Fallon, this cute yet funny book takes a new twist on classic bedtime stories. Loved by parents and children alike, this book is a staple in every kid’s bookshelf