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An elegantly crafted gift basket for those who want to get an intense kick out of their snack time. Share this collection of intense tastes with the ones you love. features thoughtfully selected canada’s trail peanut brittle, Small 2 piece Truffles, milk chocolate bar with cinnamon crunch, tutti cranberry crackers, bag of butter pretzels, balsamic herb peas snack and pastry puff cinnamon twists. Intense flavours create intense moments of joy!

weaved natural wicker basket

Canada's Trail Peanut Brittle
Small 2 piece Truffles
Milk Choc Bar With Cinnamon Crunch
Tutti Cranberry Crackers
Bag Of Butter Pretzels-Comfort Collection
Balsamic Herb Peas Snack
Pastry Puff Cinnamon Twists