Group Share Large
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Group Share Large

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The Group Share is brimming with a variety of products that are ready to share right when you open the packages. Bring epic moments with this to your next events and indulge in a mixture of decadent flavours and delicious treats such as Cupido chocolate crunch
Cupido chocolate cups, chocolas chocolate wafers crisps, oublies, Snow-mallow, Neal brothers salsa, Nachos, fine French truffles, Delice hazelnut flavour cookies, Dolce praline pecans and east shore seasoned salty pretzels. There’s something for everyone in this basket so share the love this holiday season!

Large Oval Tray

Delicious Bites 82co.
Cupido chocolate crunch
Neal Brothers salsa
Cupido chocolate sticks
Chocolas chocolate wafers crisps
pralines box of assorted chocolate
Nachos Neal Brothers Rounds
P&P pistachios
Dolce praline pecans
fine French truffles
dolce holiday pretzels covered with white chocolate
east shore seasoned salty pretzels
Delice hazelnut cream with dark chocolate cookies
Inessence truffle chips
Jubileu chocolate covered assorted nuts
ultimate maple kettle corn