Gourmet Sampler
Gourmet Sampler
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Gourmet Sampler

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The gourmet sampler is our pride and joy in Canadian flavours and our partners! every taste to pair with the featured Rockway red wine, makes this gift crate the perfect way to share your love of the Canadian tastes, make your favourite person feel all warm and toasty and feel good yourself about supporting local!


  • Large Shallow boxette with lid
  • truffles maple caramel crunch
  • Maple syrup truffles
  • candied peanuts
  • water crackers Cherrington
  • oven roasted tomato & basil bruschetta
  • Sheena's Scottish shortbread
  • garlic roasted potato seasoning-Orange Crate
  • "Mediterranean lamb seasoning=Orange Crate"
  • "Caesar salad seasoning=Orange Crate"