Chef's Delight
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Chef's Delight

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Chef’s Delight is the perfect gift to share this holiday season especially to someone you know loves being the daring chef at home! You will see the delight in their eyes and they will see it in yours after you enjoy delicious meals with the help of the included flavours and recipes inside this thoughtful gift. Gift this collection made to enjoy the bliss of holiday sipping on the Santa Carolina Chardonnay Reserve Collection! This holiday, Gift in Style!


  • Large Shallow boxette with lid
  • scalloped potatoes au gratin seasoning
  • Mary Macleod short bread cookies w/drop of chocolate
  • Annas almond thins biscuits
  • P&P chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn
  • Franktales nut chocolate bark
  • Les Minettes peacans & almonds
  • loja do sal salt
  • spice nut sauce mix seasoning
  • mulling spice