How does it work? 

As the home buyers market continues to grow more competitive, now more than ever, after sale service has become an integral part of the home buying experience. Peter & Paul’s Gifts recognizes the importance of this personal touch, and our new line features high quality gifts, baskets, and products that will compliment the elegance and prestige of the homes you have created. We understand that each gift is an expression of the warm wishes and kindness you want your new home owner to feel from you. Not only are these gifts an excellent way to welcome the new home owner to their home but they are an excellent tool to enhance referrals. At Peter & Paul’s Gifts, we have home closing gift ideas that are sure to impress. Whatever your budget, we can satisfy your desire to complete the deal by preparing a program aimed at your specific needs. We work with our clients to offer gift alternatives that accomplish their goals, and which work within their budgets.


Home Closing Gift Ideas:

Are you looking for a bit of inspiration? Please browse our gallery of home closing gifts! Here, you can find some of our more recent orders. We hope they will give you insight into the many types of gifts, collections, and ideas that we can provide to you.